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Lent Bumps 2006

Tuesday 28th February - Saturday 4th March

Previous event: Fairbairns - Following event: Women's Eights Head of the River Race

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Philip Garsed, 2: David O'Brien, 3: Alex Johnstone, 4: Tomasz Stefanski/Richard Barnwell, 5: Chris Thompson‑Walsh, 6: Joel Jennings, 7: Jon Walsh, Stroke: Andras Nagy, Cox: Ed Day

UP 1 - Day 1: Rowed over, Day 2: Rowed over, Day 3: Bumped Selwyn, Day 4: Rowed over

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Video of the 1st Men's VIII: click to watch the video.


Clare Bumping Selwyn on Friday

On the third day of the '06 Lents, Clare finally got their act together to take a well-deserved bump. Selwyn, who rowed the best they had during the whole competition, were no match. Here it is captured in all its (shaky and dodgily-edited) glory.

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Mila Roode, 2: Tess Crook, 3: Helen Withers, 4: Catherine Smith, 5: Jo Robinson, 6: Anna Fell, 7: Em McFadden, Stroke: Katie Armitage, Cox: Sarah Moore

HEAD OF THE RIVER - Day 1: Bumped Downing, Day 2: Rowed over head, Day 3: Rowed over head, Day 4: Rowed over head

Joanna Robinson reports:


Day 4: Tension was high. We had done all the work in the past few days. All we had today (!) was to row over in front of Caius again. On Friday we had been well clear of them for the entire race, but could we do it again?!

We met at 12 for a pre-race paddle. But then there wasn't enough time to go home between this and the race... So we played giant Jenga :) When it was finally time to boat for the race, we were relieved. We were ready and waiting just made us more nervous. The paddle up was more tense than it had been in the past few days, but still nice and powerful.

Finally we were on the start, the gun went and we were off. At least now we could do something about our nerves! As in the past few days, we used them well and converted them into speed. Caius were slightly closer today than before and we did feel under pressure for the entire course. Coming up to the Railway Bridge, our tiredness bagan to show and I worried that we would falter on the very last hurdle. But we pulled through the finish line well clear of Caius. Again they had never come within station. WE DID IT!!! The first Clare Ladies VIII to gain the Lent Headship!

Spirits were high as we pulled in to open champagne and greet our supporters on the bank. It was great to see so many old and new Clare faces there to support us and it made the day even more special. We're sorry we did not get to see everyone before we were ordered into the boat for a celebration paddle... interesting with the flag and a bottle of champagne... maybe not the best paddling we have ever done, but we were definitely happy!!!

Uploaded Sunday 5th March, 11:00


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Videos of the 1st Women's VIII: click to watch the video.



Rowing over head on Saturday


Practice start

Wednesday, W1 practice start by the Plough

2nd Men's VIII

DOWN 3 - Day 1: Bumped by First and Third III, Day 2: Bumped by Caius III, Day 3: Bumped by Jesus III, Day 4: Rowed over

2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Nell Godfrey, 2: Emma Warren, 3: Kate Farmer, 4: Emily Frey, 5: Holly Marsh, 6: Liz Smith, 7: Helen Fisher, Stroke: Ildiko Somorjai, Cox: Tom Branton

UP 3 - Day 1: Bumped Trinity Hall II, Day 2: Bumped Downing II, Day 3: Bumped Clare Hall, Day 4: Rowed over

Photos of the 2nd Women's VIII: click to view full size. (see all seven photos of this crew)

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