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Cambridge Winter Head to Head 2018

Saturday 27th January

Previous event: Christmas Head - Following event: Newnham Short Course

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Vashti Davies, 2: Lottie Thompson, 3: Jordan McCoy, 4: Olivia Brett, 5: Philippa Slay, 6: Katie Irwin, 7: Eilidh Thompson, Stroke: Ariane Dupas, Cox: Ben Williams

3rd in Lent Women's 1st division with a total time of 16:26.3 (07:27.9, 8:58.40)

Philippa Slay reports:


On a very cold and windy morning we had our first race of the term. After some chilly marshalling we were off on the first leg. We had a good, solid row at a nice high rate (mid thirties?) which was great given this was one of the longest pieces we'd done so far this term. For the second leg we were rowing into the superbly strong headwind and Ben did an excellent job of steering us despite the constant force blowing us towards the bank. At the end of the race everyone was exhausted but very pleased with our performance (we gained significantly on Downing W1 who we were chasing in both legs of the race) and it bodes well for the rest of the term!

Uploaded Thursday 1st February, 21:45


2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Jess Lindley, 2: Ramya Narayanan, 3: Josie Newman, 4: Joycelyn Li, 5: Victoria Lindley, 6: Eva Roney, 7: Vicky Alcock, Stroke: Amarynth Sichel, Cox: Enlli Lewis

3rd in division with a total time of 18:23.3

Josie Newman reports:


Having not had an outing due to the dealings of the weather gods earlier that week, we had absolutely no idea how this first race of term was going to go. The conditions on the day were similarly unpleasant, with gale force winds and drizzle. We encountered a few challenges on the row up - a few boats on the wrong side of the river and marshalling was interesting when every time we stopped rowing for a second we drifted several metres in the wrong direction. However, when it came to the race, we managed to keep good rate 28/30 the whole course and the majority of the rowing was together and strong (although some parts more than others!). We had to fight against the wind on the way back, but eventually made it back over the finish line. Overall it was a promising start to the term!

Uploaded Wednesday 31st January, 16:26