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Clare Novices' Regatta

Collect your racing numbers

The racing numbers for all crews are at the Porters' Lodge at Clare Old Court. Each college has one envelop with all racing numbers. Don't forget to collect them!


Clare Novices' Regatta is scheduled to take place between Thursday 27th and Saturday 29th November 2014. The regatta is generously sponsored by our club sponsors, Metaswitch Networks.

The Course

Course Map Click here for a larger version

The course runs approximately 800m upstream from the post furthest downstream on the Reach (near Ditton corner) to Morley's Holt, just downstream of the Pike and Eel. A map is available here. In each race two crews row side-by-side and racing continues in a knockout format.


There are two events for both men and women: the Cup events are for college A crews and the Plate events are for all other crews. However, if a college wishes to enter more than three men's or three women's crews, the respective B crew(s) must also enter the cup event. All events are for novice eights only.

Timetable of racing

Day Div Marshal Race Category
Friday 1 13:10* 13:40 Men's Plate, round 1
2 13:55 14:25 Women's Plate, round 1
3 14:40 15:10 Men's Plate, round 2
Saturday 4 08:00* 08:30 Men's Cup, round 1
5 08:35 09:10 Men's Cup, round 1
6 09:05 09:40 Women's Cup, round 1
7 09:45 10:25 Men's Cup, round 2
8 10:40 11:20 Women's Cup, round 2
9 11:35 12:15 Men's Quarter-Finals
10 12:30 13:10 Women's Quarter-Finals
11 13:15 14:05 All competitions, semi-finals
12 14:30 15:10 All competitions, finals

* Crews in the first division of the day must marshal on the Reach.

The final schedule will be distributed with the draw at the meeting for coxes. It may change during racing if poor weather causes racing to be stopped. In this case, coaches and crews should await instructions from the Regatta Secretary.

River closure

The river will be closed on Thursday and Friday from 2:00 pm until lighting up, and all day on Saturday. If senior crews wish to have an outing over the lock during these times, they should contact the Senior Umpire, Rozalie Ryclova (claregatta[at]


Entries must be submitted using the online entry system. Entries close at midnight ending Sunday 23rd November. Fees must be received by this time.

Late entries will be considered only at the discretion of the Senior Umpire.

Boat Sharing

Boat sharing is strongly discouraged. Where it is unavoidable, please see the details in this document.

The organisers understand that there may under some circumstances be problems with these arrangements. Any requests for exemption from these rules should be addressed to the Senior Umpire, Rozalie Ryclova, at claregatta[at]


A full copy of the rules is published here. Particular attention should be paid to eligibility rules, which for 2014 mean that no rowing member of a crew wishing to compete in the regatta may have rowed or sculled before 1st September 2014 and no competing cox may have coxed in a race before the same date. Decisions of any individual rower's eligibility are at the ultimate discretion of the Senior Umpire, Rozalie Ryclova at claregatta[at]; if there is any uncertainty over a potential competitor's eligibility, a senior representative from the Boat Club of the College concerned must enquire well in advance of submitting any entries.


As always, crews are expected to treat the river respectfully. Particular problems in the past have been urination on the riverbank and littering of water bottles. Crews should ensure they have made use of proper toilet facilities before leaving their boathouses. Water bottles should be either kept in the boat or given to your bank party (they can be emptied into the river to save weight).


It is likely to be cold during the regatta so crews are advised to bring plenty of warm clothing. Boats may be waiting for significant periods of time while marshalling. A member of the crew's bank party should bring a bag for extra kit to keep it dry during the race.

Social Media

In the weeks running up to the Regatta, we will, in addition to email, be using Facebook and Twitter to relay updates to competitors. If you are involved in the Regatta in any way, whether as a competitor, LBC or marshal, please do follow us on Twitter and 'like' us on Facebook for the latest news.

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