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Cardinals Regatta 2017

Thursday 16th March

Previous event: The Talbott Cup - Following event: Radegund Mile

Mixed VIII C

Won to Trinity Hall, lost to Newnham/Jesus

Kerry Smith reports:


We pushed off from the bank, with our stunning costumes of sparkly cowboy hats and ridiculously drawn on moustaches. It was a rocky row down (literally, the boat was as unsat as a seesaw), but we made it to the marshalling point. We lined up for the first race against tit hall, colliding at least 5 times and trading a few bananas in the time it took us. It’s fair to say we smashed them and coasted through to the next race. After a few doughnuts we developed our race strategy and all swapped seats so we were on the wrong side and rowed back down to marshal. The second race against Jesus/Newnham was awful in rowing terms but quality banter. Following the questionable start (due to Ruaridh’s amazing stroking) we took one hand off the blade to swing our cowboy hats in the wind. We surged up the reach outside hand only, square blades. We may have got overtaken during the race by a four going at steady state but that wasn't our fault. It was awesome fun and a lovely way to finish a term of rowing.

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