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Lent Term 2010

Cardinals Regatta

Mixed VIII C at 7: Round 1: Beaten by the Peterhouse "Where's Wally" boat by about half a length (crew listloading)

Easter Term 2009

Nines' Regatta

2nd Men's VIII at 3: WINNERS: Round 1: beat Peterhouse by 2 lengths , Round 2: beat St Catharine's by 1/2 length (reports, crew listloading)

Bedford Amateur Regatta

2nd Men's VIII at 3: Novice VIIIs: Beat Warwick Uni by 3/4 length then lost to Winchester College by 2 lengths; College VIIIs: Lost to Caius by 4 lengths, (plate) Beat Magdalen by 2 lengths then lost to Pembroke (Cam) (crew listloading)

Head of the Cam

2nd Men's VIII at 3: THIRD out of 16 in a time of 10mins 0 secs (crew listloading)

Lent Term 2009

Cardinals Regatta

Mixed VIII A at 7: Round 1: beat some people. Round 2: beat some other (better dressed) people. Round 3: beat the clare "cast of andrew lloyd webber's CATS! crew". Semi-finals: lost to teenage mutant ninja turtles. Or something (crew listloading)

Mixed VIII B at 5: The Clare Cats crew. Round 1: chased EBI (who?) appropriately dressed as mice, and caught them. Round 2: somehow beat a much faster Emma crew as they waited for us before the finish. Round 3: Clare-Clare heat final! (we let them win) (crew listloading)

Michaelmas Term 2008


2nd Men's VIII at 5: 36/56 Men's Senior VIIIs in a time of 16:19 (report, crew listloading, photos)

Cambridge Winter Head

2nd Men's VIII at 5: 11th/24 Student Novice 8+ in 9 mins 56 secs, 65th= overall (crew listloading)