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Easter Term 2018

May Bumps

4th Men's VIII at Stroke: Day 1: Bumped Jesus M4 (crew listloading)

Lent Term 2018

Lent Bumps

2nd Men's VIII at 3: Day 1: Bumped by St Edmund's M1, Day 2: Cancelled due to the weather, Day 3: Row over, Day 4: Bumped by Sidney Sussex M1 (reports, crew listloading, video)

Michaelmas Term 2017


1st Novice Men's VIII at Stroke: no result yet

Emma Sprints

1st Novice Men's VIII at Stroke: Beat First and Third NM1 in first round, beaten by Caius NM1 in the second round (crew listloading)

Queens' Ergs

1st Novice Men's VIII at Stroke: Reached the final, in which they finished 9th out of 13 crews, with an average time of 1:36.1 (crew listloading)