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Easter Term 2018

May Bumps

3rd Women's VIII at 5: Day 1: Rowed over Day 2: Bumped by Homerton W2 Day 3: Rowed over Day 4: Bumped Kings W3 (reports, crew listloading)

City Sprints

2nd Women's VIII at 3: 1st for Division 2 (report, crew listloading)

Cambridge Spring Head to Head

3rd Women's VIII at 7: 17:16.1 (report, crew listloading)

Lent Term 2018

Lent Bumps

2nd Women's VIII at 5: Day 1: Rowed over, Day 2: Cancelled due to weather (row over), Day 3: Bumped by Hughes Hall W1, Day 4: Rowed over. (reports, crew listloading, photos)

Pembroke Regatta

2nd Women's VIII at 5: Beat Kings W2, lost to Downing W2 (by not much) (report, crew listloading)

Cambridge Winter Head to Head

2nd Women's VIII at 7: 3rd in division with a total time of 18:23.3 (report, crew listloading)