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Fairbairns 2009

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1st Men's VIII

30th/54 Men's Senior VIIIs in 15 mins 24.16 secs

1st Women's VIII

8th/35 Women's Senior VIIIs in 16 mins 33.57 secs, 5th fastest Women's College VIII (show reports)

2nd Men's VIII

49th/54 Men's Senior VIIIs in 16 mins 32.44 secs

1st Novice Men's VIII

32nd/65 Men's Novice VIIIs in 10 mins 52.20 secs (show reports)

On video:

Men's Novices Michaelmas 2009

Montage of CBC Men's Novices Michaelmas 2009: Original Soundtrack was; Muse, Uprising; T Pain, I'm on a boat; Tinchy Stryder, You're not alone; infringed copyright on youtube

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Fairbairns 2009

Novice Men in Fairbairns 2009


Novice Montage 2009

Montage of Novice Men Michaelmas 2009

1st Novice Women's VIII

48th/59 Women's Novice VIIIs in 13 mins 10.09 secs (show reports)

2nd Novice Men's VIII

34th/65 Men's Novice VIIIs in 10 mins 58.31 secs

2nd Novice Women's VIII

33rd/59 Women's Novice VIIIs in 12 mins 31.49 secs (show reports)