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Showing results for the 2nd Women's VIII.

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Easter Term 2019

May Bumps

Day One: Technical row over, Day Two: Rowed over, Day Three: Bumped by Tit Hall W2, Day Four: Rowed over (crew listloading)

Cambridge Spring Head to Head

4th in the Mays 3 division with a time of 17:18 (crew listloading)

Head of the Cam

3rd Mays W2 in a time of 13:21.3 (crew listloading)

Lent Term 2019

Lent Bumps

Bumped Pembroke W2 (report, crew listloading)

Michaelmas Term 2018


33rd W8+ in a time of 19:26 (5th college W2) (crew listloading)

Cambridge Winter Head

5th student W2 in a time of 10:55 (crew listloading)

Cambridge Autumn Head

12.39.4 (report, crew listloading)