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Pembroke Regatta 2008

Saturday 16th February

Previous event: Bedford Eights and Fours Head - Following event: Lent Bumps

1st Men's VIII

Bow: David Hardeman, 2: Matt Causier, 3: Will Kerr‑Muir, 4: Ed Day, 5: Chris Baker, 6: Ben Evans, 7: Wanne Kromdijk, Stroke: David O'Brien, Cox: David Jones

Quarter-final: Beat First and Third II; Semi-final: Beat Caius; Final: Lost to First and Third

David O'Brien reports:


The first couple of races went well. We won, which is always nice, and we gave the guys on the bank something to watch. Perhaps left the move a little late in the FaT II race. I hear Nick needed clean underwear afterwards. The result of the final obviously wasn't ideal but, from the stroke seat, it felt like we did what we set out to do. We went out of the blocks with little regard for the final three quarters of the course and held a FaT crew who were, I understand, using a similar approach. At about the 500m mark it became apparent that FaT were fitter/rowing better/rating higher and the margin started to open up. I'd probably be being optimistic if I claimed we could substantially improve our fitness in the next week but we'll be rocking up to bumps as better rowers. Hitting higher rates with neater bladework, its on.

Uploaded Wednesday 20th February, 21:42


Paddy O'Furniture reports:


Well, 'twas a grand day. Why don't you let me start off by talking about what we did the previous night. We all went out to the pub and drank 7 pints of guinness, everyone knows guinness is good for you, especially immediately before a rowing regatta (or so my pal Paddy O'Heater tells me).

The first race (FaT II) was slow, t'be sure, it got to the railway bridge and Oi tart dey were going to win, bat after cries of "more power" we gained about tree quarters of a length in tirty-tree strokes (Oi was counting).

Den next, up against Caius, the Guinness began to kick in and we started quicker and won dat one too (isn't it odd how you can't get to the final unless you win one of the semi-finals? Oi tink der's only two semi-finals dat you can win).

The foinal against Fat I was quite tricky. Oi would have loiked to say dat they had an outbard motor on the back of their boat, but dat would be a lie. Dey were quick and most likely had had 14 pints of guinness (plus baileys) the previous night (it's a good fuel is guinness).

Uploaded Monday 18th February, 20:25


Will Kerr-Muir reports:


Quarter final vs FaT II: their start was pretty quick, and it was neck-and-neck down to the railway bridge. Their exertions to keep up then took their toll and we began our wind, which took a seat every couple of strokes round the outside of the final bend giving us a clear lead at the finish. Still, a pretty impressive performance for a second boat, possibly even comparable with Caius I in the next round.

Semi-final vs Caius: again, our start didn't quite match the oppo, and the shout from their cox of rate 39 about a minute in compared with our more leisurely 34 1/2. Still, despite this, we pushed away gradually all the way down the course, though they didn't die in quite as spectacular a fashion as FaT II had.

Final vs FaT: Well, they're quick. We were still in the race for about the first half, but couldn't hold them any further as they went away.

Uploaded Sunday 17th February, 13:50


Photos of the 1st Men's VIII: click to view full size. (see all nine photos of this crew)

1st Women's VIII

Bow: LJ Michie, 2: Clare Sutherland, 3: Laura Cato, 4: M├írti Malaj, 5: Steph Caird, 6: Katie King, 7: Catherine Smith, Stroke: Alice McNamara, Cox: David Ponting

Round 1: Lost to First and Third

Photos of the 1st Women's VIII: click to view full size.

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Andrew Jefferson (Girton)/Jonathan Birch, 2: Ben Simonds, 3: Tom Williams, 4: Phil Bateman, 5: Owen Churches, 6: Tom Nixon, 7: George Gentsch/Philip Garsed, Stroke: Jason McEwen, Cox: James Michael

Round 1: Beat Trinity Hall II; Round 2: Beat CCAT II; Quarter-finals: Beat Kings II; Semi-finals: Lost to Pembroke II

James Michael reports:


Round One- Trinity Hall II: We went into this race with a boat with two subs, and a new an unusual combination. Some solid practice starts showed our form, and in the race we gained quickly to the lead. Once we had clear water, however, our technique fell apart somewhat and we finished ahead and determined to keep it together.

Round Two- CCAT II: After a crew substitution and change in order, the row up to the start felt like a different boat; nonetheless, we were determined again to start hard and sit on them with neat technique down the course. There were some marshalling issues at the start, where due to the wind we were pushed accross the course whilst lining up until next to CCAT; the marshalls did not allow us to reposition and started the race anyway, with the inevitable result being a start with blade-clashes galore. We pulled ahead, with the cross wind keeping us close together despite my best efforts, at one point pointing the bows about 25 degrees off course to try and separate, to no avail. Once in the lead we held it. All credit to CCAT because they pushed right back at us round the final corner, but we held them off and progressed.

Round Three- King's II: Rowing up to the start we were determined to prove our mettle; by easying some 40 metres behind the (parked) King's boat, and gliding in level and sat behind them to neatly park up we showed we were not to be trifled with, as well as overtaking them on the row up to the start. The race itself was disapointing; they had a powerful start but unfortunately a monster crab took them into the bank. They did push back after a restart, in gutsy form, but by then our lead was too great. Our technique was beginning to slack also, after several races, and so we determined that the next race, against Pembroke II who are a division above us in Lents, would have better technique.

Round Four- Pembroke II: Pembroke showed themselves as a challenge on the row up, as they looked clean and neat. We had an awesomely powerful start, but their neatness paid off as they gained two seats off the start. We held this distance for about 200 metres down the reach, but started to flag and they slowly but surely drew ahead, gaining clear water just before the railway bridge. We rallied together at the bridge and pushed right back, with the best rowing we'd had all day, but in the end they were just too quick. A good race and well deserving the three cheers. We had our best rowing of the day during that race, and having made the Semi final is none too shabby; the boat has plenty of power and is neat at times, and we now know what good rowing feels like; now, we step up to the challenge of Lents. We won't be found wanting...

Uploaded Sunday 17th February, 18:12


Photos of the 2nd Men's VIII: click to view full size.

2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Caroline Bentley, 2: Anne‑Laure Poupon, 3: Sonja Lehtinen, 4: Caroline Ashcroft, 5: Jess Palmer, 6: Sarah Lewis, 7: Laura Darby, Stroke: Natalia del Campo, Cox: Jenny Maud

First Round: Lost to Pembroke II

Photos of the 2nd Women's VIII: click to view full size.