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May Bumps Getting-on Race 2010

Friday 4th June

Previous event: Champs Eights Head - Following event: Peterborough Regatta

4th Men's VIII

Bow: Mark Rowland, 2: Kavi Fatania, 3: Toby Kobitzsch, 4: James Bullock, 5: Nick Eames, 6: Joe Snelling, 7: Logan Mills, Stroke: Richard Wallbank, Cox: Tim Beeson‑Jones

Got on. Starting 9th in Men's Division 6

5th Men's VIII

Bow: Mike Hook, 2: Theo Kung, 3: Jonny Sole, 4: Ben Winpenny, 5: Tom Wright, 6: Braxton Boren, 7: David Arnold, Stroke: David Porter, Cox: Dominic Carr

Got on. Starting 16th in Men's Division 6

Robert Norton reports:


Longest piece of high pressure rowing they've ever done. First racing start. First race. Commitment couldn't have been better and the technique was kept together well, for all but the very last bit of the race when tiredness set in. The push down plough reach gave an impressive increase in boat speed. Not even 5 being de-seated by a crab with 200m to go could stop you guys getting on. Great race, looking good for bumps.

Uploaded Saturday 5th June, 23:33