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Clare Novices' Regatta 2009

Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th November

Previous event: Emma Sprints - Following event: Fairbairns

For the draw and results for all colleges visit the regatta pages.

1st Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Dan Turner, 2: Chris Cavanagh, 3: Rob Norton, 4: James Frake, 5: David Porter, 6: Tim Campion‑Smith, 7: Jonny Sole, Stroke: James Marshall, Cox: Rebecca Chamberlin

Lost to Robinson A by 2 lengths

Matthew Howard reports:


After the anticlimax of Emma Sprints being cancelled, this was the novice men's chance to get down to some proper side by side racing. The start was fast, if not a bit scrappy, but we had a good lead after 100m. The rhythm was trying to come through, but didn't quite gel before a crab gave Robinson a lengths lead. A good recovery brought us back to within half a length by about 400m in, but a slightly tight line clipping the bank on the reach kink gave Robinson a lead of about 3 lengths. The last half of the race saw Clare bring back a length, but it was not quite enough to reel back in the Robinson crew who rowed consistently without incident. Unfortunate to go out in the first race, but a good spirit was shown from the whole crew; first races are always difficult, cool heads and good rhythm will get us victory next time. You'll get the feeling of victory you deserve in the future if you keep the same keenness and desire to win.

Uploaded Saturday 28th November, 18:25


Video of the 1st Novice Men's VIII: click to watch the video.


Clare A- Robinson A

Clare A take on Robinson A

1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Clare Fanthorpe, 2: Hester Davies, 3: Claire Brochand, 4: Isobel Scott‑Barnett, 5: Becky Fogg, 6: Hettie Thorneycroft, 7: Olivia Robinson, Stroke: Esther Nicoll, Cox: Sam Walker

Lost to St Edmunds A

Esther Momcilovic reports:


Races are often won and lost off the start and today we learned that the hard way. We were unlucky in how we ended up being lined up and we need to learn that if you're worried your side is going to hit the bank, your side needs to be beasty and push harder to make sure you don't. Nevertheless, I thought this was a race to be proud of. A lot of crews would have given up after having a bad start. But you girls didn't - you gritted your teeth and went back into it harder, and *that's* what rowing is about. Eddie's were at least 7 lengths away when you got started back up. By the finish line, you'd closed the gap to within 3 lengths. Who knows what would have happened if there'd been another 200m to go. Well done, and let's carry this through into Fairbairns next week!

Uploaded Saturday 28th November, 16:22


Abby West reports:


Despite a crash off the start due to unfortunate windy conditions, level-headed coxing and gutsy, coordinated effort from the crew brought Clare back into the running from some seven lengths down at the top of the reach; we were still gaining on Eddie's as they crossed the finish only a couple lengths in front.

Strong effort was evident all the way through the race, no sign of anyone giving up or accepting easy defeat. The girls really gelled as a crew, getting into the competitive spirit, and as they put the boat away, were heard to compliment one another on their rowing and coxing abilities- a heartwarming and gratifying experience for their LBCs. Overall a very praiseworthy performance.

Uploaded Saturday 28th November, 16:14


2nd Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Tom Holmes, 2: Toby Kobitzsch, 3: Joe Snelling, 4: Vedantha Kumar, 5: Dan Davies, 6: Mads Neumann, 7: Steve Martigan, Stroke: Mark Rowland, Cox: Jessica Williams

Beat Wolfson C by 3/4 length; Quarter-final: Lost to Selwyn C by 3/4 length

Matthew Howard reports:


An adrenaline filled first race saw the boys gain an impressive lead off the start of about 6 seats. Slowly down the rest of the reach Wolfson came through us to draw about level coming toward the railway bridge. Then a crab allowed Wolfson to pull further ahead, but only temporarily before an overreaction to a JU warning by the Wolfson cox sent them into a clash with the bank. We rowed past gaining a length or so, which was too much for them to bring back in the last 200m. A better rhythm will ensure a good next race.

The second race had a far better rhythm and had we not had a mechanical (blade came out of its gate) we would definitely have given the convincing Selwyn crew a run for their money. Unlucky to go out out in Quarter Finals, but a great effort and good enthusiasm for the future!

Uploaded Sunday 29th November, 17:40


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