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Huntingdon Head 2010

Saturday 23rd October

Previous event: Rob Roy Small Boats Head - Following event: University IVs

1st Men's Coxed IV

Bow: Dan Weatherill, 2: James Frake, 3: Dirk Simon, Stroke: Matt Howard, Cox: Mike Hook

4th in IM3 4+ in 16 mins 31 seconds

Daniel Philip Weatherill reports:


Although the previous week's training possibly had me worried that this "meatbarge" was going to move like a turbocharged but badly oiled machine, I was very pleased with the lively and smooth rhythm that we picked up with only a little splashing around. Plenty of short pushes were needed to keep our rate, but we did manage it and didn't lose a huge amount of pace throughout the course. The long cold wait for the start and the wind didn't help, but we came in a commendable position in a field that was very much larger than last year's. A great start to this year's racing, gents!

Uploaded Sunday 31st October, 11:43


1st Women's Coxed IV

Bow: Christina Pettit, 2: Rachel Boyd, 3: Hemma Brandstaetter, Stroke: Clare Thakker, Cox: Dominic Carr

3rd in W.IM3.4+ in 19 mins 27 seconds