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Cardinals Regatta 2011

Thursday 17th March

Previous event: Second Trinity Challenge Sculls - Following event: Women's Eights Head of the River Race

An Eight of Coxes (Mixed VIII A)

Bow: Claire Watkins, 2: Rebecca Chamberlin, 3: Jin‑Hyung Lee, 4: Ed Mills, 5: Matt Howard, 6: Rachel Wijsmuller, 7: Mike Hook, Stroke: Dominic Carr, Cox: Esther Momcilovic

Lost in first round by 2 1/2 lengths

Edward Mills reports:


Well, that was fun. Tough, but fun. I'm sure we all found it really enjoyable, as well as gaining valuable experience: I, for one, had no idea how much spray and noise is involved in your average race start! I also learnt how tough it is to avoid catching crabs, as well as how not to recover from catching one. Ahem ...

Oh, and Esther - how dare you suggest that I couldn't do a good job as a rower? I could hold my own in any College 26th Men's VIII, thank you very much ...

Uploaded Saturday 19th March, 15:21


Esther Momcilovic reports:


Today a lot of people learned which seat they were made for. (Hint: it's the one facing the other way). A couple of classic moments include:

Esther: Number off from bow

Matt: Bow

Rachel: Wait! No! I'm not ready!

Esther:...Rachel...that's why we number off

Ed: (After getting a massive crab and trying to get it back by passing the blade under his legs) Wait...the shoes are attached?!

Yes, bowside had two actual bowsiders on it, whereas strokeside had two girl coxes and...Ed. Yes, I kept trying to call the wrong race start. Yes, the lifejackets impinged on our already somewhat-questionable rowing style. NEVERTHELESS, our start and rhythm in the race was surprisingly good (good being relative to the row down). We even held the crew full of nuns for the first 15 strokes or so. Then they moved through us. But then! Then! The call for a massive push resulted in us *closing the gap*. Marginally. But still. We may have lost. But it was a moral victory for coxes everywhere.

On the row back, we did all the exercises rowers hate. Just to get the full experience. Slap catches were a particular fail. But we should be proud of ourselves today - how many other colleges can field an eight entirely of coxes? And how many would dare...

Uploaded Friday 18th March, 10:25


Mixed VIII B

Bow: Emma Garnett, 2: Scott Arcenas, 3: Sean True, 4: Jordan Ward‑Williams, 5: David Jenkinson, 6: Anton Wright, 7: Claire Watkins, Stroke: Annie Elkington, Cox: Jamie Klair

Won against Newnham, then disqualified. (Bi-Winners)

Rachel Wijsmuller reports:


Clare had strength, Clare had speed, Clare had poise and a strong core. Clare had Anton with pigtails. Clare were stunning.

Newnham had a crate of Easter Eggs.

The Marshals gave in to their weaker sides and disqualified Clare for being just too good. Yellow Fire!

Thanks a lot for turning up, hope you enjoyed the race and be seeing you back on the water next term.

Uploaded Thursday 17th March, 15:04