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Emma Sprints 2011

Sunday 20th November

Previous event: Cambridge Winter Head - Following event: Clare Novices' Regatta

1st Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Mike Mahony, 2: Tom Watson, 3: Jon Lee, 4: James Littlewood, 5: Paul Brookes, 6: Mike Ashford, 7: Pete Davies, Stroke: Marc Etherington, Cox: Nina Fletcher

1st Round: Beat Jesus NM2 (5 lengths), Quarter Final: Beat Hughes Hall NM1 (2 lengths), Semi Final: Beat Christ's NM1 (1 1/2 lengths), Final: Lost to Emma NM1 (1 1/2 lengths). 2nd Place overall.

Michael Hook reports:


A similarly amazing performance from the rest of our boys today. Yet again showing that Clare is a name to be feared moving into CNR and Fairbairns season, eventually taking the spot of second fastest novice crew on the river Cam. A testament to the level of rowing achieved, after having placed last in Queens' Ergs and to the old saying: "Ergs don't float".

Moving into a strong lead against Jesus NM2, we continued to relentlessly pound away at them until the lead opened up dramatically at the finish. Displaying that same composure and technical prowess that effortlessly got us our first win, even with 5's seat coming off and rowing arms and backs for the entire race.

Moving into the Quarter Final, a large boat of hefty guys attempted to knock us out prematurely with repeated blade clashes throughout the course, eventually splintering 7's blade. Throughout, we stayed focused on rhythm and moved through to clear water. Unfortunately, the pesky 5 seat struck again, this time leading to a very dangerous crab at this point in the race. Hughes attempted to capitalize, but all was recovered before they could crash into us again and we moved away for the win, having to avoid a crashed Jesus NM1 lodged in the meadowside.

The Semi Final produced another astounding race, this time with Christ's holding steady 1/2 a length behind us for the duration of the race. However, 50m from the finish, their endurance left them and we moved across the line with clear water yet again.

Now into the Final, with Emmanuel NM1 wanting glory at their own regatta. Emmanuel sat a seat of 2 ahead off the start (given they were started a seat or 2 ahead) and then both crews proceeded to hold each other steady. Clare made a big move into the lead pressing the advantage at the kink of the reach, before Emma sadly made their final move back into the lead, a race too close to call until all but 50m from the line. A fair, and hotly contested final, marking a successful Emma Sprints and a successful start for a new generation of Clare rowers.

Cave Adsum CNR.

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1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Alex Gast, 2: Sara Sligar, 3: Margaret Carpenter, 4: Ania Slotala, 5: Katrin Harding, 6: Julia Kelly, 7: Riana Betzler, Stroke: Charlotte Baker, Cox: Carys Redman‑White

1st round: Beat Kings W1 (1 length), Quarter Final: Beat Girton W1 (1 length), Semi Final: lost to Hughes Hall (3 lengths), 3rd/4th place race: lost to Trinity Hall

Claire Watkins reports:


After a little difficulty lining up for the start, you all kept your cool to produce a powerful start which began to pull away from Kings. As we lengthened out, the power stayed on and you rowed away from them, gaining clear water before the halfway point. A crab slowed you, but the rest of the crew simply pushed on and stayed calm, meaning that once it was recovered you moved away from Kings again, finishing a length ahead.

Girton's tactics for the next race appeared to be to steer straight into our water. However, we had the faster start, the timing was tight and there was more power in our boat... as soon as you began to edge ahead, they crumbled, and you made the most of it.

Reaching the semi final, we were starting to tire, and came up against Hughes Hall. The start was nice and clean again, but they took about half a length out of us. We brought the power up and began to move back into them a little, but a crab meant we could only row with 7 for a large part of the race, and Hughes rowed away. They were a faster crew, but with the crab eventually retrieved, we rowed on "for glory", as Esther put it.

Having though that was the end, we discovered we had to race one last time, competing for 3rd place with Trinity Hall. We veered across into their water a little at the start, with a resulting blade clash, but you stayed relaxed and put everything into it. Unfortunately they were simply that little bit faster, but you continued to give it everything, with a "push for cake!" definitely increasing the speed!

Overall we were so proud of you guys today. Your technique was consistently good, better than most of the others crews, and to come 4th in the W1 division of 16 crews is a great achievement. You really put everything into each of your races, and I hope you enjoyed it - let's take what we learned today into CNR next weekend!

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Photos of the 1st Novice Women's VIII: click to view full size.

2nd Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Jon Lee, 2: Sam Cocking, 3: Mohsin Saleh, 4: Joe Hughes, 5: Charlie Williams, 6: James Nisbet, 7: Adam Sanders, Stroke: Andrew Wedlake, Cox: Katie Renaud

Beat Sidney Sussex NM3 easily in the Quarter Final, Beat Queens' NM3 by 3 lengths in the Semi-final, Lost to Trinity Hall NM2 in the Final.

Michael Hook reports:


A fantastic performance from NM2 today, seeing some enormous leads on some other colleges. Just shows you how well we are moving on the water.

In the first race, we hit a strong rhythm after having a fantastic start which moved us up instantly. Once up, we continued to move away from the other crew with composure and commitment, finishing 7 or 8 length ahead of Sidney.

The second race, now onto the Semi-final saw a slightly stronger challenge off the start, but we again stayed relaxed and hit our rhythm moving us gradually up again and again. We stayed calm, rowed well and finished a convincing 3 lengths ahead of Queens'.

For the final, the competitors were more on form with Trinity Hall NM2. Tit Hall went for an enormous start which took them instantly into the lead. Unfortunately, this gave us an element of panic which prevented our rhythm, losing timing as an eight. I want us to develop from this, and next week have the composure to row well when we're down. I am convinced we could have taken that race if we had done that, as Tit Hall were dying by the end.

Bring on Clare Novice Regatta!

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2nd Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Christian Clarkson, 2: Emily Pollard, 3: Carla Bombi‑Ferrer, 4: Emily Hines, 5: Sarah Penington, 6: Rosalie Ogborne, 7: Zarah Walsj, Stroke: Kerstin Timm, Cox: Alice Harvey‑Fishenden

1st round: Beat Queens W2, Quarter Final: Lost to Trinity Hall W2

Rachel Boyd reports:


Well rowed girls! In the first race you took it straight up off the start and pulled away from Queens very quickly. You were rowing nice and together for the most part and there was over a length between you and Queens at the end. It got a little scrappier in the last part of the race but you stayed focused all the way through.

Again, the start was brilliant in the second race - you sped away from Tit Hall straight off. You held in front of them for most of the race and kept it together well, although they started to creep up steadily in the second half. Unfortunately their cox then decided to steer straight into you, which messed things up a bit. I was impressed that you kept on rowing during the blade clash - however I think Tit Hall got it back together sooner and started pulling away at the end. Even so, you had the lead for most of the race - we just need to hold on to the determination at the end next time :)

Overall I think you did really well, and it is an absolute travesty that you didn't win the prize for best costumes. I have to confess that my favourite part of the day was the row back home - you looked really together and everyone I passed on the bank enjoyed your rendition of "Old McNoah had a farm"!

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Photo of the 2nd Novice Women's VIII: click to view full size.

3rd Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Danielle Craig, 2: Cecile Bolle, 3: Caitriona Callan, 4: Emily Horton, 5: Catherine Bates, 6: Lisanne Schoutens, 7: Rachel Wijsmuller, Stroke: Alice Lightowlers, Cox: Sian Williams

1st round: Lost to Hughes Hall W2 (3/4 length), 2nd race: Beat Newnham W2 easily

Claire Watkins reports:


Hughes Hall had a powerful start and began to pull away, but you guys really settled into your rhythm, looking nice and relaxed as the power came on. Our technique was consistently good through the race, showing the work you've put in so far this term. I could see a really good response to Sian's calls to push into them, and we finished the race still with our bows overlapping their rowers. They were simply a faster crew, but it was great to see you so determined to hold onto them.

The next race against Newnham was a different story. Our rowing was cleaner than theirs, and you edged away even in the first few strokes. Soon we had clean water, but the power and length stayed to allow us to pull well away from them, reaching the finish line with a "push for Santa!" and several lengths between the crews. A great result, which you definitely deserved!

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Photos of the 3rd Novice Women's VIII: click to view full size.