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Clare Novices' Regatta 2011

Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th November

Previous event: Emma Sprints - Following event: Fairbairns

For the draw and results for all colleges visit the regatta pages.

1st Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Mike Mahony, 2: Tom Watson, 3: Jon Lee, 4: James Littlewood, 5: Paul Brookes, 6: Mike Ashford, 7: Pete Davies, Stroke: Marc Etherington, Cox: Nina Fletcher

1st round: beat St. Edmund's A by 3 lengths. 2nd round: beat Sidney Sussex B easily. Quarter-final: beat Christ's A by 1/4 length. Semi-final: beat Downing A by 1/4 length. Final: lost to LMBC A by 2 1/2 lengths.

1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Alex Gast, 2: Sara Sligar, 3: Margaret Carpenter, 4: Ania Slotala, 5: Catherine Bates, 6: Moos Peeters, 7: Riana Betzler, Stroke: Charlotte Baker, Cox: Carys Redman‑White

1st round: lost to St Catz A

Claire Watkins reports:


1st round: I think the headwind really threw us today; you've not had any experience of rowing into the wind like that and it meant you lost some of the rhythm we've developed over the last few weeks. The start was neat, but Catz began to move away. We held them for a while, but as they began to pull ahead again, you panicked a little and the strokes became shorter. You responded well to Carys' call's for pushes, accelerating nicely, but Catz were the stronger crew and in the headwind it showed. Hopefully you had fun though, and its good experience for racing on the Cam.

Uploaded Saturday 26th November, 17:42


2nd Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Jon Lee, 2: Sam Cocking, 3: Adam Sanders, 4: Jack Williams, 5: James Littlewood, 6: James Nisbet, 7: Pete Davies, Stroke: Andrew Wedlake, Cox: Katie Renaud

Bye to second round. Second round: Beat Tit Hall by 1 length. Quarter final: Beat Wolfson B easily. Semi-final: Lost to Anglia Ruskin B by 2 1/2 lengths.

Michael Hook reports:


2nd round: It is nice to be proved right. After losing to Tit Hall B in the final of Emma Sprints, what we needed to do for a win today was to hit our rhythm and absorb their sprint start. We sat confidently half a length down for the first half of the course before crabbing and recovering. After the recovery, we moved seat by seat to take a slight lead moving into the Railway Bridge. Katie steered a great line which, combined with the build out of the bridge moved us a length up for the finish where we eventually won by 1 1/2 lengths. Same composure tomorrow, and we'll get another shot at a final...

Uploaded Friday 25th November, 16:39


2nd Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Danielle Craig/Caitriona Callan, 2: Emily Horton, 3: Katrin Harding/Orianne Rivaud, 4: Kerstin Timm/Rosalie Ogborne, 5: Sarah Penington/Lisanne Schoutens, 6: Emily Hines, 7: Rachel Wijsmuller, Stroke: Alice Lightowlers, Cox: Alice Harvey‑Fishenden

Bye to second round. Second round: Beat LMBC B easily. Quarter final: Beat Selwyn C easily. Semi final: Beat Emmanuel B by 1 1/2 lengths, disqualified on umpire's decision.

Claire Watkins reports:


2nd round: This was fantastic. You took half a length lead from your controlled, clean start sequence, and from that point on the gap just continued to open up. You had clear water around 200m into the race. As a crew, you looked really relaxed and calm, but the power was there, and although it dipped as you got tired, at Alice's call you brought it straight back up to finish about 4 lengths clear of LMBC. You can be so proud of this row, it looked almost effortless but every stroke took you further into the lead.

Quarter final: Even with the dramatic crew (and side!) changes, you held onto the rhythm you had on Thursday. The start wasn't one of your best, but you held Selwyn fairly level for around 150m, and then you brought the power right up and left them in the distance - I have no idea what happened to them, but even if they hadn't had to restart we would have won comfortably.

Semi final: Your start was clean, but we fell back by half a length coming out of it. You found your length, settled into a powerful rhythm and slowly ate back into them, coming level just before the halfway point. From then on every stroke seemed to accelerate the boat and you pulled ahead to get clear water, increasing the gap to 1/2 a length after the Railway Bridge. It was disappointing and frustrating not the get the chance to test ourselves in the final, but don't let it overshadow today; we were so impressed with how you rowed, and you should be proud of yourselves! Well done!

Uploaded Saturday 26th November, 18:15


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