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University IVs 2012

Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November

Previous event: Cambridge Autumn Head - Following event: Queens' Ergs

1st Men's Coxed IV

Bow: David Hardeman, 2: Ben Oseroff, 3: James Frake, Stroke: Jonathan Waite, Cox: Jin‑Hyung Lee

Lost to Downing I by 16s

Jonathan Waite reports:


Although cold, the conditions were excellent. The whole race was a solid row and we did what we set out to do. The rate was kept at 34 and the corners were pushed out of. Unfortunately Downing were simply better and crept up on us along the course before really moving on us in the last few hundred metres.

Uploaded Saturday 3rd November, 22:37


1st Men's Coxless IV

Bow: Sean True, 2: Mike Ashford, 3: Chensong Gao, Stroke: James Marshall


1st Women's Coxed IV

Bow: Riana Betzler, 2: Ania Slotala, 3: Katrin Harding, Stroke: Kerstin Timm, Cox: Alice Harvey‑Fishenden

Lost in first round to Christ's 1st IV by 2 lengths

2nd Men's Coxed IV

Bow: Jordan Ward‑Williams, 2: James Hynard, 3: Sean True, Stroke: Gauthier Grousset, Cox: Rachel Wijsmuller

Lost to Downing II by 15s in a time of 8:09