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Queens' Ergs 2015

Tuesday 10th November

Previous event: Isle of Ely Rowing Club Small Boats Head - Following event: Cambridge Winter Head

1st Novice Men's VIII

Finalists: 8th of 15 with an average time of 1:34.9

1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Caroline Camm, 2: Rachel Young, 3: Miriam Gordon, 4: Enlli Lewis, 5: Izzy Rudd, 6: Tamsin Bell, 7: Sabine Hallamasek, Stroke: Philippa Slay, Cox: Alex Horne

22nd out of 33 crews in NW1 division with an average time of 1:59,4

Anna Peel reports:


We beat our pre-race nerves with impressively coordinated unisuits and a warm-up in the rain. The atmosphere in the hall was like nothing we had ever experienced before (like being in the middle of a prison riot!) with loads of people shouting at us from above. The Clare supporters on the balcony, as well as our cox and coach, were great at motivating us to push harder on the erg. The crew all worked really hard and at one point we made a bit of a comeback but at the last minute we were just edged out by 0.6 seconds to come in 7th out of 15. Every last one of us beat our previous 500 m sprint time, and are motivated to improve further. We all really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend the event to the novices next year.

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2nd Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Alexandra Saracho, 2: Danielle Saunders, 3: Rachel Newhouse, 4: Lorna Wills, 5: Silvia Glont, 6: Niamh Gibbons, 7: Jess Lindley, Stroke: Lucrezia Baldo, Cox: Jing Jin

7th out of 19 crews in NW2 division with an average time of 2:04,1

Anna Peel reports:


Armed with race sweets, race glitter and slight trepidation, Clare’s NW2 race got off to a fantastic start as a brilliant split from Stroke put us straight into second place, with enough of a lead on the other twelve boats for us to stay in the top three despite a slower time from Seven. Six had the second fastest time in our boat, which set us up nicely for solid rows from the next three crew members, with almost all of our splits at this point being below the two-minute mark. Strong crew members in other teams pushed us back to around fourth place by the time it was Two’s turn, but we prevailed thanks to some deafening encouragement from our cox and coach. There was a nerve-wracking moment as Bow lost her seat, missing barely a stroke but still dropping Clare down into seventh place. However, with cheering from the team and a super-fast last hundred metres she brought us home in fifth place overall, with which we were very pleased. The atmosphere in the hall was amazing, with a strong cohort of spectators on the balcony, and of course the noise of the other thirteen crews supporting one another too. A wonderful first competition for Clare’s novices!

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