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1st Women's VIII - Lent Bumps 2019

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Day 1: Bumped by Emma W1, Day 2: Bumped by FaT W1, Day 3: Controversially rowed-over/got technically bumped by Maggie W1/just missed FaT W1/generally confused, Day 4: Bumped by Pembroke W1 Two reports »

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Bow: Jordan McCoy, 2: Ran Huo, 3: Lucrezia Baldo, 4: Philippa Nunn, 5: Victoria Lindley, 6: Lottie Thompson/Robyn Hamer/Jamie Fox, 7: Ellie Cross, Stroke: Olivia Hawkes, Cox: Ben Williams

This photo was uploaded by Victoria Lindley on 12th March 2019. Where photos are watermarked, thanks to JET Photographic, Eaden Lilley, BigBlade, RowPhoto and Natures Images who have kindly allowed us to display their proofs on our site. To order prints, visit,,, or