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De Burgh Boat Club was founded in 2012 as way for any alumni members of Clare Boat Club to carry on rowing and socialising together. Any alumni rower or Clare Relic is eligible to row or cox for the club.

The Club is run on an informal, event-by-event basis, with no commitment required beyond the next race. The focus is on fun and interesting racing, often with a social element. Past events including winning Pembroke Regatta alumni division and the Radegund Mile. However, members not focused on racing, or not racing at present, are still very welcome at all social events.

The focus is not on practice outings but on rowing together at a reasonable level with old friends. If you are interested in finding out more about upcoming rowing or social events, visit the Facebook page or email the Chairman, Esther Momcilovic (erm41[at]

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Pembroke Regatta

Saturday 6th February 2016

De Burgh 1st Men's VIII

Bow: Matt Howard, 2: David O'Brien, 3: Philip Garsed, 4: Chris Baker, 5: David Hardeman, 6: Richard Barnwell, 7: Will Kerr‑Muir, Stroke: Ben Evans, Cox: Laura Sutcliffe

Lost to Pembroke A by a distance; beat Pembroke B by a margin

Will Kerr-Muir reports:


Key stats:

Average height (wowside): 5 ft 6

Average height (jokeside): 7 ft 2

Boat pulled round by: wowside (definitely)

Average hair length: 1 ft shorter than last time due to shearing of 2-man (finally we can tell the evil twins apart)

Faff time: >1 hour (new PB)

Average travel distance to boathouse: 500 miles but it was the one living 500 metres away who was an hour late

Weather: reports of 100mph headwind were not exaggerated

Kit status: clean (CTW was abroad) and less offensive than current M1 kit

Tears of De Burgh shed by: Alice McNamara

Distance before Stu had to shout at another crew: 15 metres from the boathouse

Sightings of mushroom cloud: around 500m into the first race

Injury status: one forced to switch sides because 'injury inflicted by 3 year old son prevented me from rowing bowside'

Zinc oxide tape used: roughly 75 metres (solely by 3-man, reportedly aiming for mummification)

Best coxing manoeuvre: parallel park in 50 mph crosswind at Chesterton (thanks also for assistance from WaGs)

Official post-race food: De cake followed by De burgers

Special thanks to: Nigel for arguing the insurance company into submission, Anton for looking after our treasured Roger Heise and Stephen and M1 for letting us crash the rugby

--Black tears and yellow fire--

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