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Showing results for the 3rd Women's VIII.

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Lent Term 2019

Newnham Short Course

3rd with a time of 9:20 (crew listloading)

Pembroke Regatta

2nd! Won against Newnham W3 and LMBC W3, beaten by Downing W3 in the final (report, crew listloading)

Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

We got on!!! (crew listloading)

Lent Bumps

Bumped by Emma W3, Bumped by Hughes Hall W2, rowed over, Bumped by Caius W3 (crew listloading)

Easter Term 2019

May Bumps

Day One: Rowed over, Day Two: Bumped by Clare Hall, Day Three: Bumped into sandwich by Lucy Cavendish, Day Four: Bumped down out of sandwich by Queens’ W3 (report, crew listloading)