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May Bumps 2019

Wednesday 12th - Saturday 15th June

Previous event: Champs Eights Head

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Josh Elias, 2: Gabriel Bliard, 3: Patrick Nevill, 4: Arya Theivendram, 5: Stephen Kindness, 6: Peter Rees, 7: James Bradley, Stroke: Matt Simpson, Cox: Harry Ellison‑Wright

Day One: Overbumped by Magdalene.

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Lucrezia Baldo, 2: Philippa Nunn, 3: Victoria Lindley, 4: Ran Huo, 5: Lotte Hondebrink, 6: Lottie Thompson, 7: Ellie Cross, Stroke: Olivia Hawkes, Cox: Ben Williams

Day One: Bumped by Maggie

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Will Wood, 2: Michelangelo Chini, 3: Calum Ashcroft, 4: Tom Hilbourne, 5: Wulf Scouller, 6: Isaac Lamb, 7: Freddie Bird, Stroke: Thomas Espås, Cox: Clement Chan

Day One: Rowed over as sandwich boat then rowed over, Day Two: Rowed over as sandwich boat then rowed over, Day Three: Rowed over as sandwich boat then rowed over, Day Four: Rowed over as sandwich boat then rowed over

2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Paola Velasco, 2: Heather Cameron, 3: Helena Taylor, 4: Iona Bhatti, 5: Abby Glaze‑Nelson, 6: Jess Pemberton, 7: Sam Hodder, Stroke: Magda Przybylak, Cox: Tom Quarrell

Day One: Technical row over, Day Two: Rowed over, Day Three: Bumped by Tit Hall W2, Day Four: Rowed over

3rd Men's VIII

No results yet...

3rd Women's VIII

Bow: Vicky Alcock, 2: Hannah Martin, 3: Eloise Trimingham, 4: Jess Lindley/Helen Llambias Maw/Tarn Chamberlain James, 5: Eliza Rayner, 6: Hannah Reynolds/Robyn Hamer, 7: Katie Veitch, Stroke: Ramya Narayanan, Cox: John Clay

Day One: Rowed over, Day Two: Bumped by Clare Hall, Day Three: Bumped into sandwich by Lucy Cavendish, Day Four: Bumped down out of sandwich by Queens’ W3

Victoria Alcock reports:


Day Two

After arriving on station our hopes of bumping Jesus W3 were dashed when we realised Christ’s W2 had had to pull out, leaving Jesus a free bump. We regrouped and decided to aim for the overbump on Homerton W2, and quickly put some distance between ourselves and the looming grad boats behind.

After one of our stronger starts, we were pulling away from Clare Hall as we rounded the pre-motorway bridge corner. An unfortunate crab knocked us off-rhythm for 10 strokes or so, but we had an aggressive reset and powered through our start sequence once again. Sadly it wasn’t enough this time, and Clare Hall claimed their bump a few strokes later just before the motorway bridge.

Although it was a sad way to be bumped, we were encouraged by how long it took Clare Hall to bump following the crabbage, and are looking forward to a #chunky row tomorrow.

Uploaded Thursday 13th June, 23:16


4th Men's VIII

Bow: Kerry Smith, 2: Ben Williams, 3: Pieter Sterenborg, 4: Darius Danaei, 5: Will Kitchen, 6: John Clay, 7: Fred Benham‑Crosswell, Stroke: Ben Tinkler‑Davies, Cox: Jamie Fox

Day One: Overbumped Jesus M4, Day Two: Rowed over, Day Three: Bumped by Magdalene M4, Day Four: Rowed over

Pieter Sterenborg reports:


Day Two: Chasing Magdalene M3, chased by Magdalene M4

Following the already legendary overbump on Jesus M4, the KRAKEN enjoyed a good night sleep, dreaming of how it would devour all the other crews on the cam in the days ahead. This morning, however, the KRAKEN realised that, sadly, yesterday’s incredible result could not be repeated, since we were now 3rd in the division. As a result, the KRAKEN’s tentacles would be aimed at a more limited goal: unleashing absolute hell and fury on Magdalene M3.

At the boathouse, the KRAKEN demonstrated once again that it belongs in the water and that it does not do well on dry land at all. For a brief moment, this mythical monster forgot that it needed to focus its fury on the other crews, not on its own boat….

Thankfully, this unfortunate incident had no impact on the incredible hype that Clare M4 displayed as it rowed up to station. The KRAKEN was pleased to see that the canon was a lot further away now. The shots wouldn’t hurt its sensitive ears this time! As Nigel counted down again, excitement grew. BANG! The start was good. The KRAKEN smelled fear in the Magdalene boat up ahead. Unfortunately, fear lends wings as they say, and Magdalene M3 gave it their all. The KRAKEN gained two whistles, but by this point we were on the reach. The KRAKEN had not anticipated it needed to row this far… Tired but undeterred, Clare M4 kept pushing against the footplates, even breaking one of them. Sadly, these efforts couldn’t prevent a row-over, as Magdalene managed to stay away. But tomorrow, the KRAKEN will be back, hungrier than ever!

Uploaded Thursday 13th June, 22:45


4th Women's VIII

Bow: Jasmine Pankhania, 2: Lily Cohen, 3: Kirsty Rickerby, 4: Derya Emin, 5: Jordan McCoy, 6: Philippa Slay, 7: Susie Hill, Stroke: Abbie Currington, Cox: Joe Edwards

Day One: Bumped by Maggie III, Day Two: Bumped by Tit Hall III, Day Three: Bumped by Magdelene II, Day Four: Bumped by Eddies II

Abbie Currington reports:


Day One

After a whole two outings as a crew, we were rowing fiercely - catching and finishing in time, long and strong, ready to take on bumps. Our practice start was powerful, gaining on the crew ahead as we rowed to station. Our actual start was a little less clean, but we quickly regained timing. Maggies somehow found some power (which was less than evident in their steady state paddling) and pushed towards us, gaining their first whistle within 30s. A surge of power and a +2 on the rate enabled us to push away, whilst a crab slowed them to a near standstill. Then Maggies decided to row again. Our lack of outings at this point became evident and technique started to fall apart. Maggies took a tight inside line and bumped us coming round first post corner.

Now that everyone in the crew has experienced the chaos of bumps, we are feeling more prepared for the rest of our campaign. Day two will be our fourth ever outing, let's make it a good one.

Day Two

By Lily Cohen:

With one day of bumps under our belt, the crew felt poised and ready to take on our second race. We paddled purposefully from the boathouse to our station, completing a powerful practice start. While our race start was not as clean as it might have been, we soon came into a steady, synchronized rhythm. However, the Trinity Hall crew chasing us was super speedy and swiftly bumped us.

Given that we have had only four outings thus far (including the first two days of bumps!), the crew is coming together remarkably well. We are looking forward to our next two races.

Day Three

Lily: "Can someone write the race report? Only takes two seconds"

Derya: "Well yeah because we were bumped after two seconds"

Uploaded Saturday 15th June, 21:19