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Cambridge Winter Head 2007

Saturday 17th November

Previous event: Fours' Head of the River - Following event: Emma Sprints

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Will Awde, 2: Phil Bateman, 3: Philip Garsed, 4: Tom Nixon, 5: George Gentsch, 6: Ben Evans, 7: Jonathan Burley, Stroke: David O'Brien, Cox: Mary Flook

6th out of 20 Men's Student Senior VIIIs in 8 mins 59 secs; 12th overall

Philip Garsed reports:


I really good head race! Despite the fact we were a scratch crew (obviously I'm "not" rowing...) the boat seemed to work together very well. It was powerful from the start and also didn't really drop off at all through the race. It was a great feeling being told we were up on Caius at halfway, and we held them all the way. Despite a couple of (very) duff strokes near the finish, we recovered quickly and powered it home. Really good fun (until cramp set in 10 minutes later...) and a very promising result. Lets continue this performance for Fairbairns.

Uploaded Monday 19th November, 13:24


David O'Brien reports:


A storming performance. 5th of the Cambridge colleges. Given that our crew contained only four guys who had ever rowed in the first VIII before, beating Caius, Jesus, Downing and the like has to be a serious achievement. Bring on Fairbairns.

Uploaded Saturday 17th November, 23:17


1st Men's Coxed IV

Bow: Will Kerr‑Muir, 2: Ed Day, 3: David Hardeman, Stroke: Matt Causier, Cox: David Jones

8th out of 8 Men's Student Senior IVs in 10 mins 40 secs; 115th overall

Will Kerr-Muir reports:


The rowing was OK, especially for our few outings, but the aggression wasn't there.

Uploaded Saturday 17th November, 19:51


1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Elaine Lee, 2: Anne‑Laure Poupon, 3: Sophie Harbour, 4: Caroline Ashcroft, 5: Jen Hobbs, 6: Sonja Lehtinen, 7: Laura Darby, Stroke: Josie Faulkner, Cox: David Ponting

9th out of 16 in the category Student Beginner 8+ in a time of 13:58; 235th overall

Josie Faulkner reports:


It was amazing! The first 2km went so smoothly we felt like we were flying. I think we can ignore the style of rowing for the last 500m because we did manage to finish in a really good time without any major casualties (we all have blisters though)! Well done guys, we're going to get better and better.

Uploaded Monday 19th November, 23:59


1st Women's Coxed IV

Bow: LJ Michie, 2: Alice McNamara, 3: Laura Cato, Stroke: Elena Chestnova, Cox: Nigel Woodcock

7th out of 10 in the category Student Novice 4+ in a time of 11:55; 196th overall

LJ Michie reports:


We had a good row today!

The power came on quite slowly at the start, but by the time we crossed the line at the Motorway Bridge we were fairly moving. (A cry from Malice of "Nick's there!" as we came under the bridge undoubtedly helped...) We powered onwards (more Dairy Milk then Galaxy, but still doing ok), spurred both by yells from various friends on the bank and Nigel's calm calls telling us we were gaining on Simoco in front. This culminated at Ditton in us overtaking them in fine style - the push through them felt great!

The grunting started about now. The record should show that Miss McNamara cracked first. We were well up for pushing all the way to the finish, but things had been happening behind us. Cantabs, in their infinite wisdom, had seen fit to send a KCL IV+ off several boats behind us. A MEN's IV+. They were now hard on our heels and unsurprisingly eventually overtook us at Peter's Post. This would have been fine had their cox not decided to follow up the overtaking manouevre with cutting in ahead of us whilst their stern and our bow were still overlapping. The inevitable happened and too relatively immovable objects met. (I really hope my blade took out their rudder.)

Fortunately, we had been drilled at some length in what to do if we hit anything during a race. We kept going, now with the added incentive that if we tried hard enough we might get to ram them. We crossed the finish line at rate 31 and after a brief stop to inform the marshal is KCL's ineptitude, incompetence and inability to cox, went home to eat gingerbread men. All in all, a successful day's racing. :)

Uploaded Saturday 17th November, 20:13


Laura Cato reports:


A nice, solid row with ratio and NO splashing from Elena. As a result, a much better time than in our previous head races.

Uploaded Saturday 17th November, 19:57