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Cambridge Winter Head to Head 2010

Saturday 23rd January

Previous event: Fairbairns - Following event: Newnham Short Course

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Tom Leger, 2: Peter Hill, 3: Dan Weatherill, 4: Vas Vorontsov, 5: David Hardeman, 6: Dirk Simon, 7: Chris Thompson‑Walsh, Stroke: Will Taylor, Cox: Charlie Clarke

10th in Mays M1 category in 14 mins 12 secs (downstream: 6 mins 39 secs, upstream: 7 mins 33 secs)

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Christina Pettit, 2: Georgina Messenger, 3: Hemma Brandstaetter, 4: Nicola Pocock, 5: Jess Palmer, 6: Catriona Reid, 7: Georgina Plunkett, Stroke: Abby West, Cox: Esther Momcilovic

9th in Mays W1 category in 16 mins 46 secs (downstream: 7 mins 32 secs, upstream: 9 minutes 14 secs)

Esther Momcilovic reports:


Probably the most fun head race I've ever done. Overtaking the Maggie men was particularly satisfying, even if it did add on some time from having to take the outside of First Post Corner. I was really impressed with how you all held it together in the blade clashes - great first race of term, guys!

Uploaded Sunday 24th January, 11:35


2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Mike Hook, 2: Jack Jackson, 3: Rob Norton, 4: Adam Durant, 5: James Frake, 6: Phil Richman, 7: Matt Howard, Stroke: James Marshall, Cox: Rebecca Chamberlin

3rd= in Mays M3 category in 15 mins 38 secs (downstream: 7 mins 2 secs, upstream: 8 mins 36 secs)

Matthew Howard reports:


A great downstream leg, some glimpses of great rhythm and power, a very respectable time. Upstream leg was a lot more scrappy, and the ratio was susceptible to wobbles. Overall though an encouraging start to the term for the new approximately scratch crew!

Uploaded Saturday 30th January, 18:23