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May Bumps 2011

Wednesday 15th - Saturday 18th June

Previous event: May Bumps Getting-on Race - Following event: Henley Qualifiers

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Matt Howard, 2: Dan Weatherill, 3: James Frake, 4: Phil Richman, 5: Will Kerr‑Muir, 6: Ben Evans, 7: Chris Thompson‑Walsh, Stroke: Joel Jennings, Cox: Rebecca Chamberlin

UP 2 - Day 1: Bumped Emmanuel; Day 2: Bumped Trinity Hall, Day 3: Rowed over, Day 4: Rowed over

Will Kerr-Muir reports:


Day 1: Wash, rinse and spin.

Day 2: Impressive do or die from Tit Hall, but unfortunately for them, they died a horrible death as we hit our rhythm in Plough Reach.

Day 3: Overlap at Grassy, but the bump eluded us in the rough water.

Day 4: Frustrating row over.

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1st Women's VIII

Bow: Christina Pettit, 2: Georgina Messenger, 3: Holly Marsh, 4: Annie Elkington, 5: Alice McNamara, 6: Jess Palmer, 7: Nicola Pocock, Stroke: Hannah Morgan, Cox: Esther Momcilovic

UP 3 - Day 1: Bumped FaT, Day 2: Rowed over, Day 3: Bumped Caius, Day 4: Bumped LMBC.

Esther Momcilovic reports:


Day Three - Bumped Caius

Chasing Caius I, chased by Queens I

Another fairly textbook job, reeling them in slowly but surely til just after Ditton. Good responses to the pushes and lifts. Tomorrow we have before us a bump that means so much to a lot of people in this crew. Let's go out and get Maggie once and for all.

Day Four - Bumped Maggie

Chasing Maggie I, Chased by Caius I

Not our best row, but it did the job. We bumped them just after the railings. A bump which has been a long time coming for many of the crew, and so well-deserved after everything we've been through this term.

We went up 3 overall. This is the best performance by a Clare first boat (male or female) since at least 2004. I'm so glad to have been a part of it. YELLOW FIRE!

Uploaded Saturday 18th June, 18:38


Alice McNamara reports:


Day One - bumped FaT

Chasing FaT I, chased by Queens I

In a week of injuries, crew changes and side swapping, first day nerves were on display on the row up. Our start was adequate and our pushes good enough and we got the job done coming out of Grassy. Not our best, yet. Today we proved that we are BULLET PROOF. Tomorrow, we will step it up, but today was still very sweet.

Day Two - rowed over

Chasing Jesus I, chased by FaT I

Our nerves were less evident on the way up and our start was nice and strong. We moved in a little down First Post Reach, but spent most time on station and Jesus took Cauis out at Ditton. We then had a distressing corner involving half of bow side dropping out, and headed down the Reach in glorious isolation (Queens' having dispatched FaT around Grassy). Overall a slightly better performance but a worse result. Bumps is stupid.

Tomorrow, we have experience and we have motivation. Cave. Adsum.

Day Three - bumped Cauis

Chasing Cauis I, chased by Queens I

Our row up today was sure and confident. Our row was the best yet. Believe it or not, I've never bumped on the Reach and as Stu's hand faltered on the bell I was a little worried but Esther told us to "BELIEVE!" (although many heard "PLEASE!") and on stroke 12 of the kill, they fell.

LMBC - tomorrow is for 2008

Uploaded Friday 17th June, 23:29


Jess Palmer reports:


Day Two: Rowed Over

Chasing Jesus I, chased by FaT I

Better rowing in the first five minutes, chasing a faster crew. They got Caius at Ditton, we sat on station or just outside the whole way. Queens got FaT at Grassy so we we all by ourselves. A row over isn't as much fun as a bump but that's just how bumps goes. Caius tomorrow.

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2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Dominic Carr, 2: Scott Arcenas, 3: Chensong Gao, 4: Dirk Simon, 5: Chris Cavanagh, 6: Jonathan Waite, 7: David Jessop, Stroke: Matt Causier, Cox: Mike Hook

UP 1 - Day 1: Rowed over, Day 2: Bumped Emma II, Day 3: Rowed over, Day 4: Rowed over

Alice McNamara reports:


Day One - rowed over

Chasing Corpus I, chased by Selwyn II

I think we all knew that a bump on Corpus was not the likely course of action. You came in a little and sat just inside station as they closed on Emma in front. The gap opened a littled as they closed on Emma, but never to more than 2 and a half lengths. But the real rowing came afterwards. The lifts and the pushes on the Reach were amazing. Coming under the Railway Bridge was genuinely fantastic. Emma II tomorrow will be a hard grind but you proved today that you are up to that challenge.

Day Two - Bumped Emma II

Chasing Emma II, chased by Selwyn II

Emma II hit their start hard and we sat just inside station for the first two minutes. Emma closed on Corpus ahead but coming out of Grassy they began to tire and the first whistle came at the Plough. The bump was inevitable - you reeled them in steadily from that point and got them just before the Railings.

Dirk's first bump. Worth waiting for.

Day Three - rowed over

Chasing Queens II, chased by Emma II

A frustrating result but not a bad row. Clare were faster over the course, but by only 1 or 2 seconds, so not enough to seal the bump. A length was gained and every stroke inches minutely closer, but it didn't happen. However, tomorrow is another day. We were so prepared for the long haul, I think the first half was not at full potential. All to play for tomorrow

Uploaded Sunday 19th June, 8:55


Chris Cavanagh reports:


Day Two - Bumped Emma II

While the jury is still out on whether Scott could take down a cheetah, We do know that he, and the rest of M2 can take down Emma II.

Uploaded Thursday 16th June, 18:45


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2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Becky Fogg, 2: Rachel Boyd, 3: Jess Denman, 4: Catherine Smith, 5: Claire Watkins, 6: Clare Thakker, 7: Hemma Brandstaetter, Stroke: Erin Earl, Cox: Jamie Klair

UP 1 - Day 1: Rowed over; Day 2: Bumped by Hughes Hall; Day 3: Bumped Hughes Hall; Day 4: Bumped LMBC II

Jamie Klair reports:


Day 1

If they were to make a film about our race today, they'd call it True Crew - despite a solid start, Newnham II ran away after Homerton I, and Downing pounced. Yet, with gritted teeth we pulled away, twice evading Downing as they got to within 6ft on Grassy. By the Reach, length came in, and wry smiles as, far off in the distance, Downing's cox stuck his hand straight up. An epic row-over girls: one to remember.

Day 2

After a solid start, we only managed to remain on station with Homerton I ahead, with Hughes Hall I leaping forward. A mixture of cox-box failure and cross-wind sealed our fate as by First Post Corner we conceded to a determined Hughes Hall I. A great performance from us that did not yield the hoped for result.

Day 3

With Downing II behind us, baying for revenge, and Hughes Hall I ahead, smashing through the second division, it was always billed as a tough row. However, Christmas was to come early for Anton. With a polished start that kept Hughes Hall I running, Downing II made no ground, unlike Wednesday. Having settled into a strong stride by the gut, we filed down Plough reach with Lmbc, Homerton and Hughes all in sight. Round Grassy corner, a long-worked for rhythm started flying Jenny Maud round. Hughes Hall I, yet to be bumped this Mays, ran wide and up-rated as we swung round firm on the right. With twenty absolute golden strokes and a call from Anton to "actually hit them", Josh received a firm smack from Rachel, and two coxes and Jess experienced their first bump of the year that was sweeter and wetter than a first kiss.

Day 4

This time a riled Hughes Hall I took station behind us, with the prize of Maggie II ahead: rain tipping down on us, as we prepared to set off. A good strong start allowed us to hold Hughes to a length and eat into Maggie until they were at two whistles at the gut. A fantastic array of Clare fan-club cheered us into Plough reach as Hughes dropped back; Ditton corner again proving to be crunch time. With a call to 'kill' we stretched up to the bell, and (just in time to be a spectacle for those watching from the meadow) Maggie conceded as Jenny dug deep into the stern. A truly deserved bumps performance which I hope is a fitting tribute to those who rowed today for Clare for their last time.

Uploaded Saturday 18th June, 18:14


Esther Momcilovic reports:


Fantastic work today, girls! I'm so proud of you all. Dual bumpage on Maggie tomorrow!

Uploaded Friday 17th June, 22:52


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3rd Men's VIII

Bow: Yi Xia, 2: Sam Burnell, 3: David Jenkinson, 4: Mads Neumann, 5: James Cooper, 6: Sean True, 7: Olivier Grouille/Egor Marisin, Stroke: Jordan Ward‑Williams, Cox: Rachel Wijsmuller

UP 3 - Day 1: Rowed over, Day 2: Bumped FaT IV, Day 3: Bumped St Catz III, Day 4: Bumped Selwyn III

Olivier Grouille reports:


Day 2: Bumped FaT IV

After Anton's call to arms - "I'm *&^@££ off with being bumped by Tit Hall boats all this year" it was a pleasure to deliver for our beloved Boatman. Said Tit Hall boat were efficient off the start and quickly gained a whistle on us but we held our nerve, saw them off and chased down FaT IV with great aplomb and power aplenty. A seemingly interminable bit of bell ringing indicated that FaT should probably have conceded a good twenty strokes earlier, but they finally gave way just before First Post Corner, as the rigger scratch/gouge and blue paint on Lord Ashby's bow will attest. A good, punchy effort after a solid row over on Day 1. We'll all need to keep schtum post-Bump tomorrow and listen in to Rachel, but that minor blip aside, today was a really solid effort. Time to pull out the big guns tomorrow for what will be a real contest with Catz III. To quote Chief Wiggum, "Go get 'em, boys!"

Uploaded Thursday 16th June, 20:00


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3rd Women's VIII

Bow: Alice Bean, 2: Emily Gladden, 3: Katy Davis/Emma Garnett, 4: Madzia Kowalski, 5: Olivia Robinson/Nikki Moss, 6: Marie Yurkovich, 7: Rebecca Chamberlin, Stroke: Julia Kelly, Cox: Dominic Carr

DOWN 3 - Day 1: Bumped by Peterhouse II, Day 2: Bumped by Selwyn III, Day 3: Bumped by Pembroke IV, Day 4: Rowed over

Photos of the 3rd Women's VIII: click to view full size.

4th Men's VIII

Bow: Christian Hampel, 2: Jim Logan, 3: Jin‑Hyung Lee, 4: Matej Jovanovic, 5: Arno Pauly, 6: Richard Wallbank/Logan Sun, 7: Dan Davies, Stroke: Michael Cole, Cox: Ed Mills

DOWN 2 - Day 1: Bumped Girton IV, Day 2: Bumped Downing IV, Day 3: Overbumped by Magdalene IV, Day 4: Bumped by Emmanuel IV

Edward Mills reports:


Day One: Bumped Girton IV

Chasing Girton IV, chased by Emmanuel IV

A really nice race today, guys. On the row down it was clear that we had a few jitters, with a few crabs showing up to add to our nerves; these settled down, though, as the gun drew nearer. The start was incredible: chunky, clean and fast. We closed on Girton really quickly, and had got it down to half a length within about three strokes following our start sequence. The rest came with the kill call followed by some frantic whistle-blowing from Anton, which led to us bumping them before First Post Corner. Going into tomorrow, though, I'd really like to emphasise the importance of clearing the river quickly. Even if my cox-box was a little dodgy today, that's all the more reason to listen up rather than to start celebrating as soon as we bump. Whatever happens tomorrow, we need to clear the river quickly - otherwise the club stands to get fined and I stand to get a blade in the back.

Don't forget about the crew meal tonight: meet at 18:30 at the Mem Court Plodge. Good job today, guys; let's do the same thing again tomorrow and make a name for ourselves in this division.

Day Two: Bumped Downing IV

Chasing Downing IV, chased by Girton IV

Excellent work. We started off right under the motorway bridge, which kept us dry while perhaps costing our ears a little. Off the start, we were flying once again, and very soon we were eating into Downing. We first went for the bump off First Post Corner, which didn't come off due to my line being a little tight. In spite of that, though, we actually pulled back from the disappointment of a failed kill-call and caught them coming into Grassy. Everyone was much faster in clearing, too: it was just unfortunate that our parking spot happened to be a wasps' nest.

Still, I'm alright now. I hope we're all psyched up for tomorrow!

Day Three: Overbumped by Magdalene IV

Chasing LMBC VI, chased by Downing IV

No-one likes getting overbumped, but I think we can take a lot out of today. Our start was good, marred only by a couple of light slips, but for the first time we were chasing a crew who also flew out of the traps right from the cannon blast. We wound them in to about a length coming into First Post Corner, but they pulled away from us around Grassy. Coming out of Ditton, we all sat up into a monster headwind and started to gain on them again. It was to be Magdalene IV, though, that would be the bigger threat. They gradually caught us up as we moved down the Long Reach, and literally seconds before the end of the course, and after several strokes of carefully watching their bow-ball, I was forced to concede the bump.

As I say, though, I think that today is a day out of which we can take a lot of positives. Firstly, we've proved that we can give even the fastest boats in the division a run for their money. Secondly, we've gained a lot from having to row the entire course at race pace. Thirdly, I didn't wind up at Newnham Walk Surgery again.

The crew meal's at 7:30pm tonight in L staircase, Memorial Court, and we're meeting at 9:45am tomorrow morning (note the change of time). Now that we've experienced being on both ends of a bump, I think we all know which one we prefer; let's make sure we get the right one tomorrow. Thanks, guys.

Day Four: Bumped by Emmanuel IV

Chasing Downing IV, chased by Emmanuel IV

Blast. To be bumped by a crew that we'd pushed away from in previous days was not an easy thing to stomach. Once again, our start was fine, and we quickly gained half a length on Downing. Emma IV, though, weren't giving up. Coming round First Post, we hit a nasty headwind, which caught us off guard, and I had to concede the bump to a very determined Emma crew.

It would be very easy - too easy - to describe M4's May Bumps as 'two good days; two rubbish days'. The truth, though, is far more complicated than that. While bumping was fantastic, I reckon that we learnt just as much on the occasions when I was the cox sticking his hand up. As Dirk said, we've had the full Bumps experience: we've bumped, we've been bumped, and we've (almost) rowed over. We've felt the good and the bad sides of Bumps, and I'm sure we've come out of it better than we were.

I was the last person to come into M4, a whole term after everyone else. In that time, we've experienced dodgy starts, temperamental cox-boxes, and approximately forty Sainsbury's basics bananas, but I've enjoyed every second of it. The row back really made me pleased to be part of this crew: the cox-box may have died, my water may have leaked, and I may have been quivering in anticipation of doing an erg, but Liz de Burgh was being propelled through the water by a proper crew. And only proper crews can come through smiling after a Bumps week as topsy-turvy as ours.

Thanks, dudes.

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