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May Bumps Getting-on Race 2012

Friday 8th June

Previous event: Metropolitan Regatta - Following event: May Bumps

3rd Women's VIII

Bow: Chrysoula Litina, 2: Elizabeth Schneider, 3: Christian Clarkson, 4: Glory Liu, 5: Rachel Wijsmuller, 6: Clare Thakker, 7: Ciara Murray, Stroke: Alice Lightowlers, Cox: Alice Harvey‑Fishenden

Got on: starting 14th in Division 4 (chasing Pembroke IV, chased by Trinity Hall III)

Esther Momcilovic reports:


Before you pushed off, I said that this race was going to be about which crew could keep pushing in The Demon Headwind, and which ones would give up. You certainly fell into the former category! You kept your heads high and kept pushing, even when the gusts tried to render you stationary. If you take that through with you into Bumps, you'll be set to do really well, and hopefully earn your permanent place!

Uploaded Sunday 10th June, 20:55


5th Men's VIII

Bow: Ed Mills, 2: Amol Bhuptani, 3: Michael Green, 4: Michael Frost, 5: Chris Loyn, 6: Mads Neumann, 7: Jon Lee, Stroke: Robert Blackburn, Cox: Jocelyn Bisson

Got on: starting 12th in Division 6 (chasing Sidney Sussex IV, chased by Robinson IV)

Edward Mills reports:


Excellent work, guys! Our start was really strong, and we gained on the crew in front by a length or two within the first couple of hundred metres. Joss's awesome lines around First Post, Grassy and Ditton kept us moving strongly, and we were making excellent progress as we entered the last 800 metres.

The headwind that hit us after Ditton was, as we expected, absolutely huge. You know you're rowing into something big when, upon squaring your blade, you're faced with a struggle to place it in the water. We did shorten up a bit, but thankfully we didn't let the wind take too much length out of us. Our massive bankparty helped out a lot here, with incessant motivational shouts and reminders to place it in at the front.

Our speed was compromised towards the end by a pretty colossal crab from me, which was complicated by some difficulties with my seat immediately afterwards. Nonetheless, our pace had been so quick that even having just seven rowers for the last 200 metres didn't stop us from getting on.

The focus now shifts to this little thing called Bumps next week. Let's do it, boys (and girl)!

Uploaded Friday 8th June, 19:55