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Cambridge Winter Head to Head 2013

Saturday 26th January

Previous event: Weybridge Winter Head - Following event: Newnham Short Course

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Jordan Ward‑Williams, 2: Callum McKenzie, 3: Sean True, 4: Jonathan Waite, 5: David Hardeman, 6: Ben Oseroff, 7: Chensong Gao, Stroke: Martyn Higson, Cox: Jin‑Hyung Lee

6th college VIII (8th overall) in a time of 13:51 (Leg 1 6:30, Leg 2 7:21)

Martyn Higson reports:


Good start to the term, finishing ahead of our Lent Bumps position with only the top 5 8s in bumps and City M1 and Cantabs M1 beating us. Let's carry on like this (maybe at a slightly higher rate though)

Uploaded Friday 1st February, 19:57


2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Joe Thompson, 2: Dominic Carr, 3: Evan King, 4: Ben Low, 5: CJ Uy, 6: Ross Buckingham, 7: Lawrence Rowles, Stroke: Tom Watson, Cox: Sasha Rubinstein

10th/11 boats in Mays Div 2 with a time of 15:37 (Leg 1 7:17, Leg 2 8:20)

Tom Watson reports:


On first glance not the most impressive of results, but there are three important mitigating factors: We're at the bottom of Division 2 in Mays, we've never actually rowed in this crew order before, and we didn't have a working cox box. Given those disadvantages, beating even one other boat in our division is something to be proud of, and we were only 2 seconds off Pembroke M2 as well. We have a lot of positives to take away from that race; Sasha's steering was pretty much dead-on, her calls were what we needed (even if we did have to shout them down the boat) and the whole crew responded well. It's just a shame that despite having the same oars, the boat we overtook wasn't Jesus, but sixth formers.

Uploaded Sunday 27th January, 12:01


Sean True / Martyn Higson (Men's Double Scull A)

WINNERS of the Intermediate 3 2x in a time of 16:22 (Leg 1 7:39, Leg 2 8:43)

Martyn Higson reports:


but no pots...

Uploaded Friday 1st February, 19:52