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Cambridge Winter Head to Head 2014

Saturday 25th January

Previous event: Winter Training Camp - Following event: Newnham Short Course

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Richard Gunning, 2: Jack Barden de Lacroix, 3: Calvin Khaing, 4: Ross Buckingham, 5: Ivan Mechkov, 6: Callum McKenzie, 7: Chensong Gao, Stroke: Ben Evans, Cox: Ed Mills

12th in Mays 1st Division 8+ (downstream 06:23; upstream 07:43; total 14:06)

Edward Mills reports:


All in all, an interesting set of races. Starting in 4th place meant there was very little time to build it up before passing under the bridge, and I think our start reflected that - it was a little panicky and rushed. Once we were onto Plough Reach we definitely picked it up a touch, but the final build into the finish still didn't translate into a gain in boat speed. A satisfactory race, then, but by no means our best work.

After what was a surprisingly short wait, given the number of boats on our division, we started the upstream leg, thereby putting the 'to Head' in 'Winter Head to Head'. The extra time to build it up - at least 15 strokes - meant that the acceleration out of the start was a good deal smoother. We then followed this up by gaining slightly on Emma, while also stopping Pembroke from gaining on us as they had done coming downstream. Responding to the pushes, we steadily worked up the cover over the race, and finished feeling much better about our performance than we had after the first race.

There's still plenty to work on this term, especially making sure that we don't shorten up at higher rates, but all in all this felt like a solid platform on which we can build. With the restrictions in the number of outings in place this term, we really need to make every second of water time count between now and Newnham Short Course, but I'm confident that we'll do exactly that.

Uploaded Saturday 25th January, 11:17


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1st Women's VIII

Bow: Riana Betzler, 2: Chrysoula Litina, 3: Jelena Renic, 4: Kate Davis, 5: Helen Waters, 6: Anna Ritchie, 7: Kate Jernigan, Stroke: Annie Elkington, Cox: Harriet Boswell

8th in W Mays 1st Division 8+ (downstream 07:18; upstream 09:23; total 16:41)

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2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Alex Gunawan, 2: Ben Jennings, 3: Joe Thompson, 4: Ollie Rusk, 5: Tom Broughton, 6: Ed Oughton, 7: Louis Tate, Stroke: Robin Elliott, Cox: Becky Fletcher

4th in Mays 3rd Division 8+ (downstream 07:07; upstream 08:53; total 16:00)

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2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Imogen Grumley‑Traynor, 2: Naomi Woo, 3: Olivia Jenkins, 4: Lydia Price, 5: Jac Davis, 6: Maria Gorinova, 7: Betsy‑Ann Ward, Stroke: Sareeka Linton, Cox: Alice Harvey‑Fishenden

4th fastest W2/ 8th W May 2nd division 8+ in time of 18.15 (07.57, 10.18)

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3rd Women's VIII

3rd in W Mays 3rd Division and Lower 8+ (downstream 08:44; upstream 11:25; total 20:09)

Photos of the 3rd Women's VIII: click to view full size.