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Head of the Cam 2014

Saturday 26th April

Previous event: Easter Training Camp - Following event: Cambridge Spring Head to Head

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Ed Oughton, 2: Jordan Ward‑Williams, 3: Ross Buckingham, 4: Chensong Gao, 5: Ben Evans, 6: Callum McKenzie, 7: Jack Barden de Lacroix, Stroke: Richard Gunning, Cox: Ed Mills

4th of 5 Men's First Mays 8+ (9:40)

Edward Mills reports:


A pretty solid race, all in all. Our build to to the start was nice and crisp, as were the first four minutes or so in general - we definitely ate into Cantabs in front of us. Coming into the Gut we started to get a little sloppy; whether that was due to the burn kicking in or just losing focus, that gives us a target to work on in future. While it was nice to see the rate holding at 32 all the way down the course, we definitely lost the platform that we'd enjoyed early on, a change that was borne out in the dips down to bowside as we came through the last 1000m. Nevertheless, a series of calls from Anton got us sitting centrally again and tracking the outside elbows round the turn, and with 500m to go we really started to feel the finishes. Coming over the line, the general feeling was one of optimism: in our second outing of term, we'd really laid down a marker for the weeks ahead.

Uploaded Saturday 26th April, 12:47