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Cambridge Autumn Head 2014

Saturday 18th October

Previous event: Rob Roy Small Boats Head - Following event: University IVs

1st Men's Coxless IV

Bow: Richard Gunning, 2: Fred Benham‑Crosswell, 3: Callum McKenzie, Stroke: Jon Swain

Winners of M4- IM2 category! Beat Jesus and Maggie in a time of 10:40.4

Callum McKenzie reports:


Leading up to this we had only been out together twice. From our first stroke of training we knew that we worked well together and that we had the potential to move the boat well. It was a rolling start from the Motorway bridge all the way up to Chesterton foot bridge. We built up the start a little late - our build call happened as we went through the start line - but started tapping it along nicely once we got past the outflow. It was quite a windy day, which was a head wind for the main part of it, so we had to remind ourselves to keep sitting up tall and keep the finishes clean. We started ahead of Maggie, so we had something to push off... but it is always hard to judge when your in front whether or not you have moved off them or not. However, when we got round grassy we could tell that we had started to put in some distance between ourselves. As we got onto the reach we took the scenic route round, taking the outside bend, and we took it a little too far, as stroke side's blades clipped the waterbed near the bank, which threw us off slightly. A quick reset call and we were back off to normal racing. Coming under the railway bridge our race plan was to build up 2 every so often - ending with the big finale for the finish. But I think we all forgot how far away Chesterton bridge is from the railway bridge. Jesus that was knackering!! Our overall feelings from the race were very positive. We were together, the rate came naturally and the boat was moving pretty well. We know we need to work on the front end more, keeping crisp timing and going for more suspension from the catch, however, our finishes were a lot tidier than what they have been in training. This all bodes well for Uni IVs in just over a weeks time... Maybe we can find a better boat by then though??

Uploaded Sunday 19th October, 9:52


2nd Men's Coxed IV

Bow: Adam Sanders, 2: Ed Oughton, 3: Louis Tate, Stroke: Joe Thompson, Cox: Tom Watson

Third in M 4+ 2nd Coll category with a time of 11:34:0