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Nines' Regatta 2015

Sunday 24th May

Previous event: Peterborough Regatta - Following event: Metropolitan Regatta

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Edith Ross, 2: Helen Waters, 3: Anna Zeugner, 4: Lydia Price, 5: Chrysoula Litina, 6: Olivia Jenkins, 7: Imogen Sharkey Ochoa, Stroke: Claire Watkins, Cox: Tom Watson

1st race: Beat King's by 1 length. 2nd race: Lost to FaT by 1 length.

Tom Watson reports:


FINALLY a result I don't have to sugarcoat in my race report. It's taken a while, but we're starting to see some real progress towards rowing as well in races as we do in training.

First race was King's - to my growing dismay they were stronger than us off the start and began to pull away. We'd 'settled' to a very rushed rate 40 and couldn't make any headway on them! Fortunately, rather than allowing what happened at City Sprints to happen again, we found our rhythm about 150m in; a fantastic power 10 brought us from nearly half a length behind to a nose in front, and even through a quick blade clash we stayed relaxed, with a rhythm that was much more effective and sustainable. Despite being on the towpath side we didn't lose any ground to them around the corner (not that I could see anyway) and I was past their bowball as we crossed the finish line.

Then came FaT - if anything it felt like a nicer row but two things did for us. One was our start; the other was the fact that FaT had had a buy in the first round so were racing on fresh legs. Each of those was probably responsible for half a length of the final result. FaT pulled almost a length ahead at the start, which we brought down to about half a length by the railway bridge. Again we were on the towpath, so slightly disadvantaged around the corner, but it was fatigue more than anything else that let FaT pull away in the last hundred metres. Nonetheless, we had a lovely rhythm at rate 36-37 which we've really struggled with all term, so that bodes well for the future. A better start and a tired opponent might well have swung it in our favour.

So, the priority for tomorrow's outing is to work on our start sequence until we can gain half a length off the first few strokes rather than lose it. And to relax!

Uploaded Sunday 24th May, 18:02


2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Ollie Russell, 2: Robin Elliott, 3: Ben Leitch, 4: James Henderson, 5: Euan Beck, 6: Richard Gunning, 7: Louis Tate, Stroke: Fred Benham‑Crosswell, Cox: Clement Chan

Lost to FaT II by 1 length; Beat Emma II in the Final of the Plate

Ben Leitch reports:


Here came another race day that M2 can be proud of. After a nice paddle up to the race line and a solid practice start, we were met by FaT M2. Eyeing them up on the race line, we concluded that our 5 seat was more handsome than theirs, our bowman stockier than theirs and, well, there was no comparison to be made with the 3 seat. Looks aside, we started off strong, gaining momento and keeping FaT parallel to us for at least 300m. We kept on at it, Clement making some great calls for more power. However, as they began pushing away from us, the pressure dropped and, emerging from the railway bridge, we failed to up the speed, missing out by 1 length. Considering that FaT II are 8 places above Clare II in Mays, we did pretty well to hold them off and our loss didn't faze us.

Fortunately, we were given a row-over into the plate final, which meant we could get out, stretch our legs, and support some racing from M3 and W3 at the railway bridge. When the time came, it emerged that we would be racing Emma II in the final, the very crew that we beat last weekend and will be chasing come bumps. We had to win. And win we did. With another powerful, fast-paced start, we pushed away from Emma in the first couple of stokes, gaining half a length on them within the first few hundred metres. Pumped with adrenaline, we comfortably pushed away from them and made it to the finish line.

We can take lots of positives from the two races today - most importantly, we have a good chance at bumping on the first day of Mays due to our quick and powerful starts. But the next step will be maintaining that power after the first hundred metres and keeping a nice relaxed feel to our strokes.

Uploaded Thursday 28th May, 22:55


3rd Men's VIII

Bow: Karel Nanninga, 2: Tom Broughton, 3: Ben Jennings, 4: Matt Simpson, 5: Olivier Grouille, 6: Toby Roeder, 7: Adam Sanders, Stroke: Ollie Rusk, Cox: Lydia Price

Lost to Churchill II; Beat Wolfson II; Lost the Final of the Plate against Clare Hall

Tobias Roeder reports:


Of(f) plates and footplates

What can be said is that everyone put a lot of power down at the starts, too much for our Boat, apparently. In our first race against Churchill M2, we had quite a tough opponent. Yet, we never had the chance to learn what we could have done against them. Adam’s (7) footplate was not able to sustain the immense pressure he put down on the second draw-stroke and so the man behind him was wondering why he was suddenly just rowing arms and backs. We still carried on down to the end of the course with everything we could muster, then handed the footplate to an amused Lydia and gave three cheers for Churchill.

We then got into the plate round and having fixed Adam’s footplate, we were up against Wolfson M2. With a strong start we held the lead until the end. There was a bit of slacking around the Railway Bridge and they tried to gain through a push. Lydia, however, decided that she did not actually need to go for a kill call, but just to ask kindly for a little more pressure.

In the plate final, we were up against those kind gentlemen, who we took under our roof, Clare Hall M1. After another fairly strong start, Clare Hall still managed to pull away. An irritated Matt (4) thought it necessary to remind Toby (6) to keep in time. He might not have heard the exclamation of a widely known swear word (the one beginning with ‘F’) uttered just after the wind, for this time it was the 6 footplate which had come off. Trying to cramp it somehow into the space where it belonged, he managed to get a couple of full strokes in and we stayed at their tail, yes, even caught up a bit, but not enough to actually get them in the end.

Conclusion: A day of missed opportunities due to equipment failure. More work on sustainability of the pressure has to be done, but we got a positive impression of our starts. Yet, no trophy glasses for M3.

Uploaded Monday 25th May, 9:35


4th Men's VIII

Bow: Tai Anwar, 2: Hector Newman, 3: Nathaniel Zelinsky, 4: Matthew Coates, 5: Daniel Massey, 6: Tom Edinburgh, 7: Ivan Mechkov, Stroke: Ben Ting, Cox: Jack Malde

Lost to FaT IV; Disqualified against Emma IV (racing line)