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Clare Novices' Regatta 2015

Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th November

Previous event: Emma Sprints - Following event: Fairbairns

For the draw and results for all colleges visit the regatta pages.

1st Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Tom Compton, 2: Jordan Thornton, 3: Will Broadbelt, 4: Joannis Koepsell, 5: Felix Kreis, 6: Joel Teo Jin Wei, 7: Gabriel Bliard, Stroke: Rory Fairhead, Cox: Julia Kelsoe

2nd round: Lost to First and Third NM1

1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Lucrezia Baldo, 2: Niamh Gibbons, 3: Enlli Lewis, 4: Rachael Young, 5: Ariane Dupas, 6: Sabine Hallamasek, 7: Tamsin Bell, Stroke: Miriam Gordon, Cox: Alex Horne

1st round: beat Peterhouse NW1; 2nd round: beat Trinity Hall NW1, quarterfinals: lost against Jesus NW1

2nd Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Basil Langham, 2: Jamil Mustafa, 3: Alistair Brown, 4: Eliot Lynch, 5: Harry Bartholomew, 6: Nicolas Levi, 7: Harry Perkin, Stroke: Vikram Thakur, Cox: Imani McEwen

1st round: beat Queens' NM2; 2nd round: lost to Wolfson NM2

2nd Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Danielle Saunders, 2: Caroline Camm, 3: Vashti Davies, 4: Johanna Ritzer, 5: Lorna Wills, 6: Alexandra Saracho, 7: Izzy Rudd, Stroke: Jess Lindley, Cox: Jing Jin

1st round: beat Trinity Hall NW2; quarterfinals: lost against Fitzwilliam NW2

Ada Krzak reports:


Written by an anonymous NW2 rower

Even the cold, wind, rain, dead fish and an almost (almost…) damaged bow could not supress the enthusiasm of the high hearted NW2 crew (well, half of NW3) as we lined up at the start of CNR on Friday. Watching NM2 disappear at the speed of light in the race before us, expectations were high. Our start put us in good stead against the intimidating looking Trinity Hall crew, however a small incident disturbed the (kind of) synchronised strokes of NW2 near the end. Trinity Hall began to overtake us underneath the bridge, yet ended up clashing into us, carrying on rowing whilst we could not. However karma played its part by causing their stern pair to catch perfectly co-ordinated crabs, including an almost ejector. This allowed us to row on towards the finish line to victory whilst they recovered from the unfortunate incident.

We then realised that we would once again have to brave the November weather on Saturday, in which we competed against Fitz.

The wind was even stronger and fighting to stay on meadow side proved difficult. Panic ensued after our close start as we saw that they were gaining on us, and as usual panic meant that we lost our timing and ultimately lost to Fitz despite giving it our all.

At the end of each race, cake was provided by our very generous coach and cox which, if it wasn’t already worth the pain, made it so.

Uploaded Sunday 29th November, 20:34


3rd Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Vicky Kwok, 2: Tom Hilbourne, 3: Shivam Sheth, 4: Andres Bustamante, 5: Florin Regli, 6: Ben Williams, 7: Vincent Hao, Stroke: Wai Jun Mak, Cox: Izzy Rudd

2nd round: lost to First and Third NM3