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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2016

Friday 19th February

Previous event: Pembroke Regatta - Following event: Lent Bumps

3rd Women's VIII

Bow: Rosie Vince, 2: Jess Lindley, 3: Danielle Saunders, 4: Rachael Young, 5: Silvia Glont, 6: Ran Huo, 7: Josie Newman, Stroke: Katie Wilkinson, Cox: Alex Horne

9th fastest women's crew that didn't qualify with time 11:19

Josie Newman reports:


Conditions for this race were less than ideal, with a strong wind against us, but we had a good row down and were feeling positive about the race. After marshalling, we set off and wound it up to race pace for the start line. The first half of the course was looking really good, despite the wind catching the blades and making the boat slightly unstable. Katie kept the rate high, with Alex calling builds whenever we started to drop off. Both corners were taken well, but as we came onto the reach we began to tire. Alex called a ‘reset’ and the change was immediate. We came back together like it was a new race, feeling strong with the finish line in sight. However, a bit of a sticky situation followed. As we turned, we had a few crabs, and then a serious one. A proper, handle over the head, blade parallel to the boat crab. This, combined with the wind pulled us towards the bank before we could recover, and we had to stop rowing. By the time we’d tapped away and were back on course we’d lost a good 40 seconds. We managed to finish as strong as we’d started, but the set-back meant we did not make it on to bumps. It’s a real shame as we’d just started to come together as a crew, but we did just get unlucky, and we came away proud of our efforts!

Uploaded Saturday 20th February, 17:18


4th Men's VIII

Bow: Eliot Lynch, 2: Shivam Sheth, 3: Basil Langham, 4: Wai Jun Mak, 5: Will Broadbelt, 6: Ben Williams, 7: Andres Bustamante, Stroke: Iwan Williams, Cox: Lydia Bloomfield

6th fastest men's crew that didn't qualify with a time of 10:00

Freddie Benham-Crosswell reports:


Report by Ben Williams

With every other men’s boat automatically qualifying for bumps, the getting on race was eagerly anticipated by the crew of M4. Everyone arrived early to the boathouse, buoyed by Lydia’s cooking the night before and Fred’s inspirational speech, lovingly crafted as he looked it up on Youtube. While some had managed more sleep than others the night before, problem sheets and concerts having taken their toll, at 1pm Lashby and its faithful team assembled on the Cam. With no hitches all the way to the lock, being one of the first boats to arrive gave time to examine the competition (and Georgina the tour boat), M1 style lunges and Toby “doing the LBC” keeping us warm.

Finally able to push off, a standing start quickly led us past the little bridge into the 2km trial. All except Lydia were swiftly drenched by the backsplashes and it was a solid pace that led M4 down the first reach. The first bend was dealt with smoothly, and despite steering issues and the pain already beginning to show we made it past the next. Constant support from messrs Toby and Fred from the bank and the call for power and SQUEEZE from the cox kept everyone in the zone, each rower always looking to push a little bit more.

The fatigue hit worst coming onto the reach, with the wind working against us and the end just out of sight. We knew what it meant though and when the call to empty the tanks came, each person gave it their all. A sudden burst in the last section drove us home, and as we were at last able to wind it down and bank up there was a certainty that there was no more we could have done. Only now did the problems become clear – two’s seat coming off, bow rowing with one shoe unattached to the footplate. Despite these unfortunate issues, the consistent timing and technique in the race demonstrated how much improvement there had been over the previous weeks. A big shout out to Fred, James, Lydia and everyone else who had helped get us there!

M4 sadly didn’t make it into the qualifying group, so won’t be in Lent bumps for 2016. The only approach is to look forward to Mays and to wish all the other boats good luck this week! Smash it.

Uploaded Tuesday 23rd February, 15:56