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Cambridge Autumn Head 2016

Saturday 15th October

Previous event: Henley Royal Regatta - Following event: University IVs

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Ben Leitch, 2: Jordan Ward‑Williams, 3: James Henderson, 4: Gabriel Bliard, 5: Euan Beck, 6: Fred Benham‑Crosswell, 7: Matt Simpson, Stroke: Adam Harrison, Cox: Julia Kelsoe

5th fastest College Men's 1st VIII (of 9) with a time of 9:32.5

Julia Kelsoe reports:


I think everyone was looking forward to and/or apprehensive for this first race as it would mark how Clare M1 stands relative to other crews after a very successful Easter term. But the guys have been putting in a lot of work and the newcomers to the M1 boat are stepping up to the challenge. As we paddled off toward the starting line, we got a long stare-down from from the Downing M1 guys who were clearly trying to intimidate--but I think I was the only one to see that. We had some nice and powerful bursts down the Reach and in Plough Reach--the boat felt set and we were getting a good connection off of the front end. After some questionable backing down calls on my part to get upstream of the motorway bridge, we had a composed rolling start to commence the race. We settled into a controlled 34 until 1st Post Corner and kept the power on through the Gut and Grassy. We resettled into our rhythm into Plough Reach, focussing on getting the length through the back end and pressing out the finishes. Around Ditton and into the Reach you could tell that we were getting a bit tired--the bit of headwind didn't help much either. But after some choice words from Andy and Esther from the bank, we were able to get some suspension and power back into our strokes. From the Railway Bridge until the top post finish, we were again punchy--although I think the guys will appreciate it if I learn how to tell distances in meters in the future (American problems...). Overall it was a good race and an even better indicator of where we stand relative to the other M1 crews on the river. We'll need to tidy up the back end of our stroke and increase our strength training on land, but it's a hopeful start for what WILL be an impressive year for CBC. Clearly all eyes are on us, so let's show what we can do. Yellow fire!

Uploaded Tuesday 18th October, 9:27


1st Women's VIII

Bow: Katie Irwin, 2: Philippa Slay, 3: Tamsin Bell, 4: Hermione Burn, 5: Edith Ross, 6: Anna Peel, 7: Ariane Dupas, Stroke: Robyn Hamer, Cox: Harry Ellison‑Wright

Winners of College Women's 1st VIII and fastest women's boat overall in a time of 10:59.0

Anna Peel reports:


We marshalled at Baitsbite with minor trepidation, but were reassured by Gripper and spurred by the temptation of race cake and beers for all if we won overall. Much had changed since Easter, with the addition of five new rowers and a new cox to the crew, but the eagerness and dedication seemed high - we believed we had a good chance to show the whole river what Clare was made of. With this mindset, we began our steady rolling start before the motorway bridge, and made sure we pushed hard enough for our pain-faces to be satisfactory to our bank-party. Harry's calls kept us going, and although our rate meter was broken and we couldn't tell what rate we were holding, the boat didn't feel heavy and we were moving into the boat ahead of us (Emma) with every minute, watching Caius recede into the distance with glee (whenever we weren't focused on the backs in front of each of us). The mood was positive, even as our muscles burned; stopping just before the Green Dragon bridge, I certainly couldn't remember anything between Ditton and the Railway Bridge - hopefully this was because it flew past so quickly we didn't have time to notice, but more probably it was because we were blocking out the pain... our hard work was rewarded by beating all of the women's crews rowing that day by a minimum of 15 seconds. Hopefully we can keep and develop this edge as the term goes on - but for now, we've got a strong crew and a good mentality!

Uploaded Tuesday 1st November, 11:18


2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Alistair Brown, 2: Jason Delp, 3: Felix Kreis, 4: Tom Broughton, 5: Amaru Araya‑Williams, 6: Rory Fairhead, 7: Ollie Dutton, Stroke: Jordan Thornton, Cox: Clement Chan

Winners of College Men's 2nd VIII with a time of 9:56.8, 40s ahead of the next fastest crew

Oliver Dutton reports:


In line with the tradition of M2 Michaelmas dating way back in the mists of time to when Jordan Ward-Williams actually started rowing we were a scratch crew with half a boat of subs. Under our super-sub stroke JT we rowed up to the start line scrappily but decently with Tom Broughton enjoying his second outing in a year. Marshalling was a long affair involving about a hundred metre stretch of backing it down before we were finally let loose to do and die in the race. JT set a fine rate of ~34 and we ploughed up first post corner and into the gut misjudging the race as a 500m sprint with the the crew committing to every strokes power and slightly forgetting technique. All the while only the magnificent Clem knew we were rowing fast as we went past a Jesus crew on Plough reach after the inside line around Grassy. The overtake astonished us into continuing our sprinting tactics with some gutsy rowing down the reach, always keeping the rate high over 32 and we picked it up slightly to 34 from the railway bridge with the classic underestimation of how far it is to the Green Dragon bridge as the sprinting tactic caught up on us and our technique was cave-man like for the last 200m.

It was a row we're all proud of and no man could feel his legs at the end, finding out the time was a lovely bonus especially with technical points we could've improved. It's wonderful we could field an M2 once again and who knows maybe even an M3 next year... Clare is rising.

Uploaded Tuesday 18th October, 19:12


2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Josie Newman, 2: Katie Wilkinson, 3: Vashti Davies, 4: Rachael Young, 5: Kate Emden, 6: Ran Huo, 7: Anna Crucefix, Stroke: Marta Uncio‑Ribera, Cox: Alex Horne

Time of 12:17.1

Josie Newman reports:


After a slightly delayed push off, we ended up having a pretty speedy row down to marshal to avoid being fashionably late. Our wonderful coach Chrysa had gone through our race plan with us, so although it was a new crew and the first race after a long break, we were feeling positive. We didn’t get off to the best of starts, catching a crab under the motorway bridge, but recovered quickly and settled into a solid rate 30 (which lasted for the whole race – well done Marta!). Things were slightly messy as we went round the corners (partly due to the wind, partly due to our lack of balance), and an early overtake by a quad distracted us a bit. However, as we came onto the reach Alex called a reset and, knowing that the end was in sight, we kept it strong and together. Surprisingly our best section was the final stretch, under the railway bridge and down towards the Green Dragon. We were gaining on the boat in front of us, and that gave us that final bit of motivation to push right to the end. Overall we won our category (don’t tell anyone we were the only W2 entered), with a time to be proud of!

Uploaded Tuesday 18th October, 10:04