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Clare Novices' Regatta 2016

Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th November

Previous event: Cambridge Winter Head - Following event: Fairbairns

For the draw and results for all colleges visit the regatta pages.

1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Olivia Brett, 2: Amelia Fitch, 3: Abbie Currington, 4: Kerry Smith, 5: Julie Ramambason, 6: Eilidh Thompson, 7: Ella Witts, Stroke: Jamie Fox, Cox: Rachael Young

1st round: won to Sidney Sussex. 2nd round: won to Pembroke. Quarter-final: won to Darwin. Semi-final: lost to Jesus.

Ariane Dupas reports:


Race 1 (Sidney Sussex A)

The fog surrounded us, and we were alone on the river, focussing only on Olivia's yells and our strained breathing (and the cheers of our coaches). When the klaxon sounded at the end of the race, Sidney Sussex were nowhere to be seen. Eventually (as we sat recovering), they appeared through the fog from beneath the railway bridge, 200m from the finish, defeated.

Race 2 (Pembroke A)

Having had such a brilliant win in the first round, we waited impatiently for the next race. Pembroke. It would be a closer match, which made it all the more exciting, and we waited with anticipation. "Attention, Go!" We were off, racing harder, putting down more pressure, than we ever had before. As Pembroke started to pull away from us, someone in our boat caught a crab, increasing Pembroke's lead. We responded; Olivia called to increase the rate, Jamie brought it up immediately, and we passed under the railway bridge neck and neck. 200m to go. We raced faster, refusing to tire, refusing to exit our own regatta just yet! Aching, breathless, but through to the quarter finals, we finished half a boat length ahead.

Race 3: Quarter-Finals (Darwin A)

With our victory against Pembroke, and the fog clearing to reveal a beautiful day, the regatta was only getting better for our boat. Adrenaline (and spirits) high, and our technique so much improved compared to the start of the day, we were driven on by the support of our long-enduring bank party to defeat Darwin by 3 boat lengths.

Race 4: Semi-Finals (Jesus A)

We'd had a great day of racing, and our crew was looking strong in our new positions, but we always knew that racing Jesus would be tough. Throughout the race we maintained a high rate (thanks to Olivia) and a high power, but the other races had taken their toll, and we began to tire. Jesus only seemed to speed up. Knowing from our race against Pembroke how quickly it can turn around, we kept going, pushing as hard as we could, focusing on separation of our technique to maximise power from each stroke. Although it wasn't quite enough, and Jesus (who turned out to be the eventual winners) finished one and a half lengths ahead, we had improved so much throughout the day, and were really pleased to have done so well!

written by Abbie

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2nd Novice Women's VIII

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