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Cambridge Spring Head to Head 2017

Saturday 29th April

Previous event: Maiden Sculls - Following event: City Sprints

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Jon Swain, 2: Matt Simpson, 3: James Henderson, 4: Gabriel Bliard, 5: Stephen Kindness, 6: Peter Rees, 7: Euan Beck, Stroke: Riccardo Conci, Cox: Jess Upton (City)

2nd overall with a combined time of 12:30.0

Jon Swain reports:


Followed the instructions from the Wintech video: Wasn't a mug, bought a Wintech. Bish bosh... silver medal?

I guess we can claim 10s is a Gnat's cock. (

Both legs of the race were decent performances, a good starting point but still plenty to work on. The first had an aggressive start but we tailed off a bit towards the end, and in the second we undercooked the first half but wound up at the end much better, just combine the faster half of each and we've got a decent race in us. Second on the river isn't too bad, but it's going to take a lot of hard training to be the fastest crew on the river this year.

Uploaded Tuesday 2nd May, 20:10


1st Women's VIII

Bow: Abbie Currington, 2: Philippa Slay, 3: Rosie Boxall, 4: Robyn Hamer, 5: Edith Ross, 6: Anna Peel, 7: Ariane Dupas, Stroke: Ada Krzak, Cox: Harry Ellison‑Wright

Fastest women's boat with a time of 14:54.1

Rosie Boxall reports:


Our row down was great, moving together nicely. The start was neat, winding up to an aggressive 61 spm, before lengthening to a punchy race pace of 45. Sub 1.00 split*. Smashed the first leg, boom, we're so hench. I can bench press a lot. Had a quick break, down by the lock, to let the engines cool down. With a bit of water on board we set off for the second leg, smashed it again, easy, boom, mooving. Good time overall, smashed the oppo hard, thanks for the ride girls.

*this race report may or may not be accurate.

Uploaded Sunday 30th April, 16:33


2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Ollie Dutton, 2: Adam Harrison, 3: Fred Benham‑Crosswell, 4: Toby Roeder, 5: Jordan Thornton, 6: Rory Fairhead, 7: Ben Leitch, Stroke: Jordan Ward‑Williams, Cox: Izzy Rudd

9th fastest boat with a time of 0:13:48.1; 3rd in the 2nd Mays category

2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Rosie Vince, 2: Jess Lindley, 3: Olivia Brett, 4: Eilidh Thompson, 5: Amelia Fitch, 6: Hermione Burn, 7: Marta Uncio‑Ribera, Stroke: Rachael Young, Cox: Ben Williams

2nd fastest W2 boat with a total time of 16:55.4

Rosie Vince reports:


There was a bit of a wait at marshalling, so after Ben’s nifty parallel park we had a good pre-race chat, enjoying a bit of chilling in the sun (Easter rowing is lovely isn’t it!) before the first leg of the Head to Head.

Our first leg was splashly and a little rushed, but not much else to report. It didn’t feel like pretty rowing, but nonetheless it wasn’t disastrous.

The next leg felt better, smoother and more controlled. We weren’t given much of a head start on the city crew behind us though, who loomed every closer around each corner. Coming onto the reach, Ben had to concede the racing line, and it became a test to make sure they didn’t cross the finish line first. Although disheartening to be closed down, it made us push that much harder at the end and definitely improved our result (I think we did just about hold them off).

With only 1 ½ outing behind us as a crew, it wasn't a bad start to the term.

Uploaded Sunday 30th April, 22:04


3rd Women's VIII

Bow: Bethany Mason, 2: Julie Ramambason, 3: Vashti Davies, 4: Eva Roney, 5: Anna Crucefix, 6: Helen Llambias Maw, 7: Josie Newman, Stroke: Katie Wilkinson, Cox: Adira Levine

2nd fastest W3 boat with a total time of 18:08.3