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Cambridge Autumn Head 2017

Saturday 14th October

Previous event: May Bumps - Following event: University IVs

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Alistair Brown, 2: Gabriel Bliard, 3: Will Broadbelt, 4: Rory Fairhead, 5: Stephen Kindness, 6: Matt Simpson, 7: Jon Swain, Stroke: Jordan Thornton, Cox: Clement Chan

3rd overall in a time of 9:53.4

Jordan Ward-Williams reports:


Is it really Michaelmas if you don't have a least one race with a scratch crew in a boat you've not been rowing in? Having spent the past two weeks training in matched VIIIs we thought we'd see what M1 were capable of, by racing Autumn head as our first outing together. The race start felt really punchy, taking the rate into the mid 30s. We settled into a good rhythm and had patches of really clean, powerful rowing (and patches of less impressive rowing...). We held the rate high and made massive gains on Queens' ahead of us, eventually overtaking them as we were coming into the P&E. All in all, a really promising start to term!

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