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Women's Eights Head of the River Race 2018

Saturday 10th March

Previous event: Lent Bumps - Following event: Head of the River Race

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Jordan McCoy, 2: Lottie Thompson, 3: Vashti Davies, 4: Amarynth Sichel, 5: Olivia Brett, 6: Katie Irwin, 7: Jess Lindley, Stroke: Ariane Dupas, Cox: Ben Williams

153rd/320 in 22'32.

Ariane Dupas reports:


Amarynth Sichel reports:\r\nWEHORR was memorable for numerous reasons, but as this report was written weeks after the race, only the most unforgettable elements remain top of mind. Those include Ben making a very questionable call before we began for stroke and seven to close their eyes so he could… improve his concentration for the race. During the race, even-keeled Ben continued to surprise everyone, this time by shouting expletives at the MEdwards cox when she was pushing us out of the tideway. All in all, the race was a success. We had a strong start and stayed consistent through to the end. The event was also a dramatically eye-opening for the inexperienced in the group who’d never rowed on anything larger than the Cam: it turns out some people get to row without constantly experiencing traffic jams.\r\n

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Photo of the 1st Women's VIII: click to view full size.