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University IVs 2018

Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October

Previous event: Cambridge Autumn Head - Following event: Queens' Ergs

1st Men's Coxless IV

Bow: Matt Simpson, 2: Gabriel Bliard, 3: Stephen Kindness, Stroke: Riccardo Conci

Beat FaT M1 by a margin of 9 seconds

DidYouKnowITrialled Simpson reports:


Before that start of the race I said I thought we were probably the fastest crew on paper as individual rowers. Whether the 4 of us combined into a 4- after not a great deal of training would be faster than the FaT crew we were chasing, who had trained a lot more together remained to be seen. Race day marked our 4th outing as a crew but by now we had thankfully dusted off most of the cobwebs. After numerous failed attempts of getting round corners my main personal aim was simply to keep the boat out of the bank. Off the start we took it off reasonably controlled, with Riccardo signalling a rhythm call as we approached the motorway bridge. Down first post reach we rated reasonably well and hit low 1:40 splits. Coming up to first post we took a half ok line round thanks to bowside easing off to help me bring it round. Then once Gripper directed us straight we took the pace up again going into grassy. Once round grassy we reset once in a straight line and got the split down to the low 1:40s again. Gripper signalled that we were about 3 lengths away from them at this stage, meaning we probably made most of our gains on them at the start and round the first corners. Once past ditton and into the reach we thought it wasn't long left... turns out we were very wrong. Down the reach we were pretty much just hanging on Riccardo apparently reading a pretty poor 2:02 split at this point. Thankfully we held on long enough to beat FaT past the finish line.

Uploaded Sunday 28th October, 10:11


Photo of the 1st Men's Coxless IV: click to view full size.

2nd Men's Coxed IV

Bow: James Bradley, 2: Michelangelo Chini, 3: Ruaridh MacDowall, Stroke: Jordan Ward‑Williams, Cox: Tom Crossley

SF: beat Trinity Hall M2, final: beaten by Emmanuel M2