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Emma Sprints 2018

Sunday 18th November

Previous event: Cambridge Winter Head - Following event: Clare Novices' Regatta

1st Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Will Wood, 2: Calum Ashcroft, 3: Pieter Sterenborg, 4: Bryan Hwang, 5: Henri van Soest, 6: Arya Theivendram, 7: Patrick Nevill, Stroke: Thomas Espås, Cox: Jamie Fox

Race 1: beat FaT NM1, QF: beaten by Caius NM1

Jamie Fox reports:


Henri van Soest reports:

Race 1: Clare NM1 v FaT NM1

Our first race of the day was a big one. When we saw the FaT crew row by the boathouse with skull facepaint, there was no doubt that they were ready to battle. However, we drew courage from Alistair’s wise words that ‘effort put into costumes is inversely correlated to race performance’. When silence fell at the starting line, the focus returned to the boat. We had a good start, and immediately had half a boat length over FaT. In the first half, we build out a steady lead of one and a half boat lengths. Despite a slowdown in the second half, we managed to hold on the lead and won a decisive victory.

Race 2: Clare NM1 v Caius NM1

We could not rest on our laurels after the first victory against FaT, as our next opponent posed a formidable challenge. Having seen the Caius crew in action at Queens’ Ergs, we knew that they had a lot of power in the boat. Strengthened by the boat wisdom that ‘ergs don’t float’, we knew that our superior technique could win us the race. Sadly, our superior technique was absent during this race. The first half of the race was sloppy, and the timing and the balance of the boat slowly deteriorated. When we caught a crab, and our boat ran into the bank, a few brief moments of chaos ensued. We quickly recovered, but at this point the Caius lead was too big to bridge.

Uploaded Monday 19th November, 12:57


1st Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Tess Jackson, 2: Sam Hodder, 3: Katie Veitch, 4: Tarn Chamberlain James, 5: Heather Cameron, 6: Jess Pemberton, 7: Abby Glaze‑Nelson, Stroke: Hannah Reynolds, Cox: Jordan McCrissican

1st round: beat Magdalene, QF: beat Caius, SF: beaten by Downing, 3rd/4th place decider: beaten by Emma

2nd Novice Men's VIII

Bow: Daniel Lewis, 2: Raag Agrawal, 3: James Walsh, 4: Robert Gyorgyi, 5: Ben Cornwall‑Jones, 6: Isaac Lamb, 7: Ethan Pratt, Stroke: Morgan Phillips, Cox: Joe Edwards

1st round: beaten by FaT NM2, 2nd round: beaten by Wolfson NM2

Jamie Fox reports:


Isaac Lamb reports:

Our first race! It’s funny to look back at this race, because I think we’ve come along so much since we took part. It was 500 metres, so was maximum intensity, and I don’t think we’d ever trained at that kind of pace before. Still, we really gave it a go and rowed better than we might’ve expected. We rowed twice, and our first race was very close. We were a couple of seconds late off the mark because we didn’t actually know how they were going to signal the start of the race. I’m not sure what we were expecting but “attention Clare – GO!” caught us all a bit off guard. By the second we were too exhausted to really compete. Overall, there were some major crabs caught, and those along with the outfits we were wearing made it quite funny; our theme was ‘demonstrate’, so we were rowing dressed as hippies protesting. We didn’t win but I think the experience overall was when we really came together as a team and started training harder for our future races.

Uploaded Wednesday 5th December, 10:50


2nd Novice Women's VIII

Bow: Kitty Pring, 2: Derya Emin, 3: Annabelle Lack, 4: Sherry Li, 5: Eliza Rayner, 6: Eloise Trimingham, 7: Lily Cohen, Stroke: Magda Przybylak, Cox: Orestis Karapiperis

1st race: beaten by Corpus NW1, 2nd race: beaten by Fat NW2