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Nines' Regatta 2007

Sunday 27th May

Previous event: Champs Eights Head - Following event: Metropolitan Regatta

1st Men's VIII

Bow: David Hardeman, 2: Tom Nixon, 3: Philip Garsed, 4: Ben Evans, 5: Chris Kerr (St Catz), 6: David O'Brien, 7: Will Kerr‑Muir, Stroke: Joel Jennings, Cox: David Jones

WINNERS! Beat Magdalene in the final, verdict: easily

David O'Brien reports:


We didn't know who we were racing until shortly beforehand but we had a very clear plan regardless. One way or the other, we needed to prove to Magdelene that our race in Bedford was not at all representative of our normal performance. We were going to push ourselves to the max for the entire course, whether we built up a lead or not. The actual aim was to achieve a verdict of 'easily' in the published results, and win some glassware. All in all job done on both counts. The rowing was not our neatest by any means but the commitment was there throughout and we've certainly regained the moral high ground as far as bumps is concerned. The tankards are a bit puny though, you'd struggle to get half a pint in there!

"'Easily' was recorded for any margin of more than four lengths." - Nines results page. :)

Uploaded Sunday 27th May, 21:00


Will Kerr-Muir reports:


It was scrappy - we need to work on replicating sweet training rhythms and starts in actual races - but a win's a win and hopefully the result has cleared up any misconceptions from Bedford.

Uploaded Sunday 27th May, 20:16


2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Rob Buerki, 2: Thomas Boston, 3: Daniel Duder, 4: Phil Jones, 5: Chris Sipper (Simoco), 6: Carlos del Cueto, 7: Will Awde, Stroke: Matt Causier, Cox: James Michael

Men's Lower Boats category: beat Caius Grads in the quarter-final by 1 1/4 lengths; lost to Homerton in the final by 3 lengths

James Michael reports:


Spirits were high as we turned up at the boathouse in the pouring rain. After our success at the Champs head, and with some good outings since, we were fairly confident of beating Caius III who we were drawn against in the first round. This was the boat we had overlapped on twice during Lents; everyone wanted to crush them under the footplates with solid rowing. After waiting around for ages in the rain and getting throughly soaked, crew nicknames for t-shirts were thought up. Rob entertained the crew by asking if there were alligators in the Cam, and wondering if it would be possible to order pizza...

On first seeing the Caius boat by the Plough it was realised that the rowers were different to those we had raced before; yet we were still determined. After a neat (ish) and professional start, we gained two seats after our start and then concentrated on gaining more. We'd started at rate 40, and, realising we were not the Blue boat, wound down the rate and up the power to 36. We were past them a length ahead by half-way down the reach, and there Caius stayed. We held off their push from the railway bridge and even gained a little clear water by the finish. Satisfying and a reasonably controlled row; credit to Caius who kept the pressure on us right up.

Our second race had a somewhat different result. Upon seeing the size of the guys in the Homerton boat (all of Joel-esque proportions or bigger) and the two guys wearing Cambridge stash, we realised that barring the opposition sinking a win was unlikely. Nonetheless we determined to make them hurt and prove that we would not quit. They gained half a length by the first fifteen strokes off the start, and cruised ahead. Whilst our rowing was more controlled than the previous race, we still couldn't claw back too much length; nonetheless, we kept about a canvas to half a length behind them from half-way down the reach. Due to a coxing error we had an early wind-down and then a restart for the finish, which lead to the three length verdict for Homerton. But they didn't win "Easily"...

From today we have learnt that we need to keep on our power and control to increase the send on the boat, and also attend circuits to beef up to be quicker off the start. We had an acceptable race against Caius and, though outclassed by the Homerton boat, hung on grimly. Today was fun, despite the rain, and a learning experience.

Uploaded Sunday 27th May, 21:52