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2015 Mays W1 at the boat naming ceremony wearing first boat mays zephyrs with the hazard trim, crest and coronet. Alumnus Peter Jones wears a Henley tie, with equally thick black and yellow stripes, with his first boat Mays Blazer
On the left, M1 rower Ross Buckingham wearing a Mays First Boat Blazer, and on the right, 2015-16 Captain Jon Swain wears an M1 Lents Blazer
2014-2015 committee photo shows all the CBC blazers, white First Mays blazers, Lents M1 on 2014-15 Captain Richard Gunning, bottom center left, and general Clare Boat Club blazer, with the crest but no coronet, on Social Secretary Maria Harvey, bottom right. Top left, Social Secretary Callum McKenzie wears a first boat bowtie with his blazer.
2015 Mays W1 show off their garters

Clare Boat Club Blazer and Stash Rules:



Other symbols: Both Men and Women’s Captain’s are allowed Captain’s buttons.

Competing at Henley Royal Regatta will be defined by the Clare Boat Club Committee if and when needed.

You may continue to wear a certain blazer, even if you are no longer eligible – e.g you are eligible to wear a First May’s Crew as long as you rowed/coxed a first boat in a set of May Bumps.


Note: you can order blazers before having rowed in the Bumps competitions, but you cannot wear them before being eligible. It is also worth remembering that it normally takes 3-4 weeks to get blazers made at A&E Clothier, but during peak times (before the Boat Race, which is in April, and then before May Bumps) it will take considerably longer. It is also relatively easy to change the embroidery on the pocket and trim, so ‘upgrading’ a blazer will be fairly easy. [Please note, however, that the hazard tape trim is not allowed on black blazers]


Prices depend on the choice of fabric. The polyester one is £145, poly-wool (most people’s choice) is £169, wool flannel comes at £189 and the lightweight super fine wool is £320. The cost of the trim and badge are to be added to these costs.



The black bowtie with thin yellow stripesPhoto and the white one with thin yellow and black stripes are Clare College bowties, respectively winter and summer ones.


The bowties cost £16 for the polyester and £21 for the silk one.


As for the bowties, the black tie with thin yellow stripes and the white one with thin yellow and black stripes are Clare College ones.


Prices are also £16 pounds for polyester and £21 for silk.



Price is £6.50



Price is £39.50




Price is £17.95


The stripy black and yellow ones are actually rugby ones, but people do buy them.


Socks cost £7.50