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Cambridge Autumn Head 2018

Saturday 13th October

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1st Men's VIII

Bow: Mathew Best 2: Sam Chapman 3: James Bradley 4: Tom Hilbourne 5: Ruaridh MacDowall 6: Matt Simpson 7: Josh Elias Stroke: Jordan Ward-Williams Cox: Ben Williams

5th Fastest M1 Crew. 10:28.4

DidYouKnowITrialled Simpson reports:

Due to being the wholesome and welcoming boat club of the river Cam much of our highly successful pre-term training was in mixed boats. Race day was our second outing as that crew and it's safe to say we aren't rowing as a single unit quite yet. The conditions on Saturday were atrocious, brining on PTSD flashbacks of that time M1 tried to train in Ely during a red/yellow flag on the Cam. That said, the boat was actually extremely well sat on the row down and throughout the race. Being the first race of term, the race plan was simple. Rate on the upper end of 32-34, keep it long and strong. We managed to maintain our target race for most of the race and all round it was technically quite a good row. The best comparison that can be made is with Caius, who rowed in the same division as us. They beat us by 13 seconds but have been out as a set crew longer than we have and are looking pretty good this year. Therefore the result is an all round positive one. Now we just need to work on the back end, applying some more power and improving general fitness. Big things still to come.

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1st Women's VIII

Bow: Jordan McCoy 2: Susie Hill 3: Ellie Cross 4: Philippa Slay 5: Lotte Hondebrink 6: Olivia Hawkes 7: Bethany Mason Stroke: Lottie Thompson Cox: Tom Quarrell

3rd college W1 in a time of 11:51.4

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Elliot Lynch 2: Reed Morgan 3: Freddie Bird 4: Michelangelo Chini 5: Will Wood 6: Nick Bossons 7: Henri van Soest Stroke: Dylan Braithwaite Cox: Joe Edwards

3rd college M1 in a time of 11:58.1

2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Mariam Haji 2: Hannah Martin 3: Helena Taylor 4: Ramya Narayanan 5: Paola Velasco 6: Lucrezia Baldo 7: Victoria Lindley Stroke: Ran Huo Cox: Jamie Fox


Victoria Lindley reports:

W2 had no idea how our race was going to go today. The first of term- the first senior race ever for some of our members, after only two outings, with very windy conditions. However, upon arrival at the boat house, spirits were high and soon we had pushed off for our row down. After some minor entanglement with our very own coach’s boat, we had a strong row down, with our little pieces showing real improvement. After many, many race sweets (I think we may have started to weigh the boat down to be honest), and some inspirational talks about how fresh legs ‘would just come to us’ at the top of the reach, we set off. Immediately we seemed quite settled, pushing away from the motorway bridge - at rate unknown as Jamie’s cox box didn’t tell her – and we rowed a strong first half of the course. Whilst ‘fresh’ legs may have been a slight (serious) over exaggeration, we did find it in us to put down some impressive power 10s, and there were moments when the boat almost felt...sat? With a strong Champs crew chasing us all the way, we tired a little towards the finish, but kept it clean enough to come home with a very respectable time, especially given the wind. All in all, a very promising first race for W2!

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