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Cambridge Winter Head to Head 2019

Saturday 26th January

Previous event: Winter League 1-Following event: Newnham Short Course

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Ruaridh MacDowall 2: Thomas Espås 3: James Bradley 4: Michelangelo Chini 5: Stephen Kindness 6: Matt Simpson 7: Josh Elias Stroke: Jordan Ward-Williams Cox: Clement Chan

10th M1, 14:38.2

Ruaridh Macdowall reports:

We arrived nervous but excited for our first race of term, achy from our erg the night before. This was only our third session on the water as a full crew, but we felt ready to hit the race hard.

In the break between the races Stephen motivated us by graphically describing the different stages of pain we'd feel at various points in the race.

Thomas definitely stuck to the plan of holding nothing back for the second race, as he only realised there was a second race as we were getting back into the boat.

Gripper described our rowing as "tidy" but that definitely wasn't all we're capable of. We've got lots of work to do but are feeling more confident for the rest of the races this term.

Uploaded Wednesday 6th February, 10:19

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Jordan McCoy 2: Susie Hill 3: Lucrezia Baldo 4: Philippa Nunn 5: Victoria Lindley 6: Lottie Thompson 7: Ellie Cross Stroke: Ran Huo Cox: Ben Williams

7th student W1 in a time of 16:46

Philippa Nunn reports:

W1 had a steady paddle to the P&E and after battling with the winds during marshalling, we reluctantly removed our many extra layers. The start of the first race was strong; making the most of the tailwind, and holding a high rate despite the choppy water on the reach, we were soon gaining on the boat in front. Around grassy they accidently banked up on the outside of the bend, allowing us to speed past as we watched Gripper push them off the bank right into the Downing boat following us. Calm coxing from Ben ensured that we kept up the rate and pressure despite the drama behind us. Upon reaching the motorway bridge we were praised for our commitment if not our technique and had plenty of pointers to think about for the start of the next 2k. Although we pushed hard for our second race of the day, we were struggling to keep the power up and by the start of the reach Downing were on our tail. Knowing we were nearing the end of the race, and with some passionate calls from Ben and Gripper, we kept them behind us and even managed to pull away from them in the last 20 strokes, much to Gripper’s delight!

We have plenty to work on in the run up to bumps but with a few more weights sessions and a lot more cake we’ll get there!

Uploaded Sunday 27th January, 13:25

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Will Wood 2: Calum Ashcroft 3: Wulf Scouller 4: Elliot Lynch 5: Patrick Nevill 6: Arya Theivendram 7: Freddie Bird Stroke: Sam Chapman Cox: Jamie Fox

9th M2 (I think), 15:37.9

Will Wood reports:

The run up to the 2019 Winter Head-to-head was marked for Clare M2 with a flurry of preparation, with a week’s worth of outings and almost half the crew(!) actually turning up to the land training sessions (sometimes). With the dedication we witnessed before the race, it came as almost a surprise that the team was in desperate need of a sub on race day. Luckily enough a dashing young cavalier from M3 (who for his own privacy shall remain anonymous) stepped up to the plate in M2’s darkest hour. Now on to actually reporting the race: the first 2k stretch was a tough haul for all of us but thanks to Jamie’s spirited coxing and myriad shouting from various members of the crew we managed to pull through to the Newnham bridge in a relatively safe time of 7:19.5. After a quick break it was back in the water the way we came, battling a fairly significant headwind to finish with a total time of 15:37.9, placing us 26th among all the crews to compete. A respectable start to the term and a promise of future things to come; (also we almost beat Homerton m1, lol.) Full Richard fellas!

(big up wulf for the race cake <33333)

Uploaded Monday 28th January, 1:18