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Champs Eights Head 2019

Sunday 19th May

Previous event: City Sprints-Following event: May Bumps

1st Men's VIII

Bow: Josh Elias 2: Arya Theivendram 3: Patrick Nevill 4: Thomas Espås 5: Stephen Kindness 6: Peter Rees 7: James Bradley Stroke: Matt Simpson Cox: Harry Ellison-Wright

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1st Women's VIII

Bow: Lucrezia Baldo 2: Philippa Nunn 3: Victoria Lindley 4: Ran Huo 5: Lotte Hondebrink 6: Lottie Thompson 7: Ellie Cross Stroke: Olivia Hawkes Cox: Ben Williams

11th W1 with a time of 5:28

2nd Men's VIII

Bow: Calum Ashcroft 2: Michelangelo Chini 3: Will Wood 4: Tom Hilbourne 5: Wulf Scouller 6: Isaac Lamb 7: Freddie Bird Stroke: Thomas Espås Cox: Clement Chan

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2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Paola Velasco 2: Heather Cameron 3: Helena Taylor 4: Iona Bhatti 5: Sam Hodder 6: Jess Pemberton 7: Abby Glaze-Nelson Stroke: Magda Przybylak Cox: Tom Quarrell

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3rd Men's VIII

Bow: Joey Bream 2: Adam Hardy 3: Krzysztof Herka 4: Ethan Pratt 5: Daniel Bode 6: Fred Benham-Crosswell 7: Henri van Soest Stroke: Sam Chapman Cox: Tom Smith

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