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June Eights Regatta Getting-on-Race 2021

Sunday 20th June

Previous event: Bert Rigby Boat Naming Ceremony-Following event: June Eights Regatta

1st Women's VIII

Bow: Paola Velasco 2: Beth Griffiths 3: Helena Taylor 4: Hermione Burn 5: Eloise Trimingham 6: Magda Przybylak 7: Katie Veitch Stroke: Lottie Thompson Cox: Philippa Slay

11th fastest women's boat in a time of 3:25, qualifying for the SW1 Division of the JER

Magda Przybylak reports:

Having already rowed the course three times in the past week, W1 knew exactly what we had to do as we set off from the boathouse on a mild Sunday afternoon. After a strong row down and our speediest practice pieces yet we reached the typical marshalling chaos, and soon enough it was time to paddle up to the start line. Confident and with our heads in the game we had a powerful and clean start which set the tone for the rest of the race. Keeping the rate high and the splits low we reached the toughest middle minute but spurred on by Phil’s calls and Gripper’s shouting from the bank we pushed through to the railway bridge. Off the bridge we came together and did a final massive push all the way to the end, making it our quickest row to date and finishing as one of the fastest 16 women’s crews on the river, but more importantly doing ourselves proud!

Uploaded Sunday 4th July, 19:40

2nd Women's VIII

Bow: Hannah Galbraith-Olive 2: Hannah Martin 3: Weiyee Lee 4: Alyssa Crabb 5: Becca Testa 6: Ramya Narayanan 7: Emma Gleave Stroke: Clare Walsh Cox: Bryan Hwang

10th fastest senior W2+ boat in a time of 3:52, qualifying for the SW2 Division of the JER