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Lent Term 2022

Lent Bumps

1st Men's VIII at 3: Day 1: Bumped St. Catharines M1; Day 2: Rowed over, Day 3: Bumped by St. Catharines M1; Day 4: Bumped St. Catharines M1 (report, crew)

Lent Term 2016

Lent Bumps

3rd Men's VIII at 4: Day 1: Bumped by Hughes Hall II, Day 2: Bumped by Queens' III, Day 3: Bumped by Sidney Sussex II (report, crew)

Newnham Short Course

3rd Men's VIII at 4: 9th of 16 men's lower boats in a time of 9:03 (report, crew)

Michaelmas Term 2015

Clare Novices' Regatta

2nd Novice Men's VIII at 6: 1st round: beat Queens' NM2; 2nd round: lost to Wolfson NM2 (crew)

Emma Sprints

2nd Novice Men's VIII at 4: First Round: Lost to Fitzwilliam NM2; Second race: Beat Emmanuel NM2 (report, crew)