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Michaelmas Term 2013

Queens' Ergs

1st Novice Women's VIII at 2: 3rd in 1800 Women's Division, with an average of 1.56.8, 7th in Women's Final with an average time of 1.56.6 (report, crew listloading)

Easter Term 2014

Champs Eights Head

3rd Women's VIII at 6: 6:47.04 - 6th in the W4 division (crew listloading, photos)

Nines' Regatta

4th Women's VIII at 6: First round (cup): lost to Murray Edwards III, easily. Final (plate): lost to Clare II. (crew listloading)

May Bumps Getting-on Race

3rd Women's VIII at 6: Got on, starting 6th in the W4 division, chasing Murray Edwards III, chased by Queens III (crew listloading)

May Bumps

3rd Women's VIII at 6: STAYED LEVEL. Day 1: Rowed over. Day 2: Bumped Peterhouse II. Day 3: Rowed over. Day 4: Bumped by Hughes Hall / Lucy Cavendish II. (report, crew listloading, photo)

Easter Term 2016

Cambridge Spring Head to Head

2nd Women's VIII at 2: 7th out of 8 Mays 2nd boats. 1st leg: 8:01.2, 2nd leg: 8:49.5 (combined 16:50.7) (report, crew listloading)

May Bumps

2nd Women's VIII at 2: DOWN 4 - Day 1: Overbumped by Corpus, Day 2: Rowed over & rowed over, Day 3: Rowed over & rowed over, Day 4: Bumped by Caius II (reports, crew listloading)