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Here you can find out about rowing at Clare College, Cambridge, including crew lists, results, reports and upcoming events. You can also find information for CBC Alumni, the Clare Relics, recent club newsletters, our club history and contact details. For information about Clare Novices' Regatta, see the regatta pages.

Christmas Head

Saturday 3rd December

Previous event: Fairbairns

Fred Benham‑Crosswell / Gabriel Bliard (1st Men's Coxless Pair)

First 2- and 44th overall with a time of 7:27.9

Gabriel Bliard reports:


Without going into the details of how we got there, this was our second outing in a pair. Before wednesday, I had never rowed in a pair and Fred had never steered a pair. But that outing on wednesday went really well, so we were quite confident that we would not crash or capsize despite the captain's incredulous email after the race. We were at first placed behind an octo that seemed doomed to have something bad happen to it as well as all the other boats around it. So we were moved up and raced after a Trinity hall 4. After giving them some time, we started the race. No crazy start or winds (obviously), but we were able to bring some seeming rate and pressure down. I would reckon a solid 24, but then again, I have no idea. The boat being surprisingly sat, and Fred having a decent line under green dragon bridge, we dug into trinity H. 4 quite quickly. By then, it would have been a suicide mission to go past them considering our experience. In the subsequent corners, they pushed away a bit, giving us some room. We reset around the white bridge and made some more gains as well as pushed off the FaT's double (my goal in this entire race). Coming onto the last corner and clare college, we were doing very well to the point that Fred seemed to have the confidence for a bold overtake of the 4 in front of CBC. Well, that did not succeed, but it was almost over anyway. I think we could have shaved off around 10 seconds without all of that 4+ trouble, and look forward to racing more in a pair. (oh, and a solid 9 seconds faster than FaT despite that).

Uploaded Tuesday 6th December, 18:28


Photos of the 1st Men's Coxless Pair: click to view full size.

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