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Lent Bumps 2014

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1st Men's VIII

DOWN 2 Day 1: Rowed over. Day 2: Bumped by Catz. Day 3: Technical row over. Day 4: Bumped by King's (show reports)

On video:

Thursday, Men's Division 1

Brief footage of M1 from about 2:18.


Wednesday, Men's Division 1

Brief clip of M1 from 2:30 onwards.

1st Women's VIII

UP 4 Day 1: Overbumped Pembroke! Day 2: Rowed over. Day 3: Rowed over. Day 4: Bumped Jesus (show reports)

2nd Women's VIII

UP 3 Day 1: Bumped Murray Edwards II. Day 2: Bumped Caius II. Day 3: Rowed over. Day 4: Bumped St. Edmunds I. (show reports)

On video:

Day 2

Clare W2 bump Caius W2